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Members of NeuGroup’s Global Cash and Banking Group to focus on Know Your Customer initiatives at their next meeting on September 26 at Bloomberg in New York City.

Ongoing KYC requirements are causing some pain for those treasury professionals responsible for bank account management, so GCBG members decided to tackle the issue with a full day of presentations and discussions. Members will be the first to hear about an initiative started by Citibank and Bloomberg Entity Exchange, who teamed up with five large MNCs to eliminate KYC friction using technology and digitization. This session will be led by a GCBG member who is also part of the initiative.

Other sessions include a demo of the Bloomberg Entity Exchange, which supports data digitalization to process corporate documents and smooth out the KYC process. Citibank will then take the stage to showcase its digital onboarding for KYC requirements and how it is on-boarding customers faster.

Members will wrap things up with a discussion of the remaining roadblocks on the developer side, what hurdles they see in making their KYC processes more digital and how to avoid falling into the eBam black hole.