About Peer Groups

The Leading Membership Organization For Corporate Finance

NeuGroup’s time-tested approach to membership peer groups was the first of its kind in the corporate treasury space and continues to expand across the corporate finance function. Over the decades, we’ve never stopped enhancing the experience. NeuGroup currently connects 500+ corporate finance and treasury professionals from hundreds of the world’s most iconic companies for knowledge exchange in over 20 peer groups and distills insight from these exchanges to help them succeed.

Here for Our Members

We facilitate over 40 face-to-face meetings and many more virtual connections per year for our unique member network, comprised of peer groups segmented by company size, sector or job role. Member guidance on peer selection fosters a curated group and a trusted environment for meaningful sharing and learning, plus lasting connections. A typical group meets twice per year for a full day to day and half to exchange knowledge and experi­ence on members top projects and priorities. We identify what you and your peers are focused on, plus what you may be missing, to shape our meeting agendas and provide data and shared expe­rience to support your best course of action.

Meeting & Group Structure

Each NeuGroup includes an invitation-only, dedicated group of members, typically no more than 25-30. The small size and practitioner focus of the group fosters frank discussion, an interactive format and the development of long-term networking relationships.

  • NeuGroups give members the opportunity to build a network to measure, compare and improve their treasury and finance management based on direct input from fellow practitioners.
  • Most groups schedule two offsite meetings per year, bolstered by a dedicated, confidential online community, conference calls and webinars as needed to discuss emerging topics.
  • Members contribute to the development of the meeting and research agenda and take turns hosting the events.
  • Experienced NeuGroup leaders support the groups with a structured facilitation process

"One of the things I truly, truly appreciate is the ability to benchmark with my colleagues...that information can really only be garnered from conversations with my colleagues here at Tech 20."

Odette GoLam Research Corporation • Vice President and Treasurers

"I have joined the Tech 20 group and benefit from that because I can get a lot of my industry peers together at one time and can discuss topics, challenges and how to come up with solutions and that helps me get all this knowledge all together as support to my career."

Randy OuAlibaba (China) Co., Ltd • Treasury Vice President

"Tech 20 has been one of the key foundational pillars of my career development over many years...I have many friends in this group and spend a lot of time outside of the formal meetings exchanging ideas...I feel like it keeps me informed as a treasurer and helps me be smarter on trends going on."

Zac NesperHP Inc. • Vice President of Treasury

"We're interested in hearing how other professionals in the same discipline address the same problems we have...by sharing that information and doing so in a comradery type of way, you get a value that is multiple times the input that you provide. If you can consider joining such an organization, it's probably one of your better decisions."

James HaddadCadence Design Systems, Inc. • Corporate Vice President Finance and Treasurers

"I've been attending benchmarking meetings with the NeuGroup since 2001. I find the meetings super valuable because I'm able to benchmark with colleagues and our frank discussions under Chatham House Rules helped me to see around the corners."

George ZinnMicrosoft Corporation • Vice President and Treasurer

"...it's a very collegiate group where we trust each other immensely and there is never a meeting that I leave without picking up at least two or three nuggets of really crucial information for me and how I operate and run my business."

Joachim WettermarkSalesforce • Executive Vice President, Treasury & Finance Operations

"I always love coming to the NeuGroup sessions with my peers...I belong to the Tech20 group I learn a lot from the other treasurers and I always have takeaways for my team."

Kirsten NordlofAutodesk, Inc. • Vice President of Tax, Treasury and Risk Finance