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AI Meets Cash Forecasting at AT&T Stadium

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On February 4th, we are facilitating a knowledge exchange meeting for a small group of treasurers at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX. We will be meeting in the post-game interview room. If those walls could talk.

This is a unique opportunity to get invaluable feedback from peers on what you’re working on to both spur innovation and validate best practice.

Since every NeuGroup meeting starts with a projects and priorities discussion, you can learn what peers are working on and share your top projects to set up collaboration to get them done more successfully. In addition, we will have sessions looking at peer examples of treasury org charts and recent revolver renewals.

The next big thing on the agenda is a discussion led by HighRadius, a fintech automating order to cash processes with AI and exponentially improving your forecasting accuracy.

HighRadius presented to member ATs last fall and led to good insight on identifying variables impacting AR and other cash flow elements.

Once the variables and appropriate algorithm are chosen, the AI engine crunches that data and provides ongoing forecasts, tapping data sources approved by the corporate, such as its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and banks. Manually gathering and consolidating data and manipulating spreadsheets is no longer necessary.


If improving forecasting with smart machines is a big priority, you or your team can attend their Radiance user conference that follows on February 5-7. Attend for free if you come to our peer group meeting or Get 30% off if you register using code rad2020neugroup. Click here to register for Radiance 2020 only. 

Contact us if you’d like to connect with peers to share and learn on what you’re working on, plus learn how to apply AI to scale your order to cash management and better predict cash flow with less effort. 

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