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AsiaCFO Members to Meet Face-to-Face in Shanghai in May

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Members of NeuGroup’s AsiaCFO peer group will gather in person in Shanghai on May 14, in a meeting led by Shirley Liu, a highly-respected member who recently retired as China CFO for The Coca-Cola Company. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate spring and get this group’s 2021 meeting season rolling!

Robotics and automation will be the meeting’s main theme. Members will hear about the latest innovations from sponsor UiPath, which—in addition to riding the success of its recent IPO—has been raising the bar on artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA).

  • These advances will help corporations and their finance organizations reach new levels of productivity while expanding automation to countless new areas. Chinese startups specializing in AI-empowered intelligent business automation will push progress as well.
  • Many of our AsiaCFO members have been early adopters of bots and automation. Companies in China, generally, have been ahead of the world on the use of AI to transform work across all functions and activities.
  • Coming out of Covid, AsiaCFO members expressed concern that automation with AI might have plateaued in its capabilities to forecast and analyze post-pandemic data adequately for reliable planning. We’ll find out what they’re saying now.

But wait, there’s more. Members will also get a timely update on a peer’s pathbreaking journey with RPA and find out if the digital transformation that has been a key driver of the company’s work in China is about to make another leap forward.

  • Other topics on the agenda include changes in the taxation of expatriate benefits, managing rising geopolitical risks and the Hainan development paradigm for consumer goods companies.

We can’t wait to hear what other insights and information make this in-person meeting even more rewarding and special than it looks on paper. And we’ll be sure to share all the key takeaways and highlights with all members, sponsors, partners and other readers who subscribe to NeuGroup Insights!

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