NeuGroup News
October 21, 2020

TREX In Action: An Extraordinary Group of NeuGroup Member Companies Rolls Out a New Name

The newly rebranded group of market leading and iconic companies met with sponsor Societe Generale to share and learn on elections, digitization and more. Members of NeuGroup’s newly rebranded Treasurers’ Roundtable for Extraordinary Companies, or TREX, gathered last week to share and learn in a virtual meeting sponsored by Societe Generale. Thanks to everyone who participated! TREX was re-branded to provide a forum for treasurers from companies which have the following qualitative and quantitative characteristics: Commanding position in its industry…
BankingCash & Working CapitalRisk Management
October 20, 2020

How Corporates Are Measuring Counterparty Risk as Cash Builds

Companies reviewing limits amid Covid have varied approaches to calculating risk thresholds.The abundance of cash corporates have collected on their balance sheets to deal with pandemic-related volatility has prompted some to review their counterparty risk limits.Participants at a recent NeuGroup meeting of large-cap companies described a variety of approaches to the issue, which should remain especially relevant for treasury teams reducing the size of bank groups, a trend discussed in recent meetings.  A member explained that higher deposit rates at…
BankingCash & Working CapitalTechnology
October 20, 2020

Helping Treasury See Beneath the Payment Iceberg

TIS makes the case for treasury as gatekeeper of payment processes.Nearly half the members at a recent meeting of NeuGroup’s Global Cash and Banking Group (GCBG) said treasury at their companies is responsible for treasury payments only—not for, say, accounts payable (AP) or payroll. Just 15% of those surveyed said treasury completely owns payment processes and tools. Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS), sponsor of the meeting, made a case for making treasury the overall “gatekeeper” of all payment processes—with the help…
BankingTalking Shop
October 20, 2020

Talking Shop: For a Bank KYC Refresh, Do You Complete a Beneficial Ownership Form With SSN?

Member question: “One of our banks does a biannual KYC refresh and asks us to complete the US Client Certification of Beneficiary Ownership (a FinCEN form). “Is this something that your company also provides, and do you include Social Security number info?” Peer answer 1: “You do not need to provide SSN for a non-US person and you need to provide only one such person.” Peer answer 2: “We always put the parent US company as the UBO , and we would use…
Capital MarketsCOVID-19
October 15, 2020

Pandemic Shows Corporates Which Credit Analysts See Beyond the Crisis

Volatility and uncertainty boost the importance of analysts with experience and perspective.The pandemic has been a first-of-its-kind challenge for corporates, their banks and investors, each trying to make sense of extreme circumstances and forecast what it all might mean. Credit rating agencies face their own challenges and are taking different approaches to the crisis that, according to participants in a recent NeuGroup meeting for large-cap companies, reflect relative strengths and weaknesses.   One member whose company had plenty of liquidity…
Cyber riskTechnology
October 15, 2020

Taking A Second Look: Corporates Reconsider Cryptocurrencies

Members share their curiosity about embracing cryptocurrency amid more regulation.Efforts by central banks and finance ministers to block the widespread use of digital currencies until strong regulation is in place—along with the emergence of new types of currencies—are leading some corporates to reconsider earlier decisions to avoid accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. That is among the takeaways from a discussion at a recent meeting of NeuGroup for Retail Treasury, sponsored by U.S. Bank, during which one member said her company, encouraged…
BankingCapital MarketsESG
October 15, 2020

A Virgin Bond Deal, Community Investment and Frustration With Banks

Takeaways from the Tech20 High-Growth Treasurers’ Peer Group 2020 H2 meeting, sponsored by Bank of the West / BNP Paribas. By Joseph NeuWanted: A better bank user experience. The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is a key success driver for high-growth technology companies. So when their banks fail to deliver a quality UI/UX, growth tech treasurers get frustrated. Work from home, of course, has made what used to be digital nice-to-haves into must-haves. Electronic bank account management (eBAM) promises…
Capital AllocationCash & Working Capital
October 13, 2020

The Cup Runneth Over: Corporates Awash in Cash Mull Options

Treasurers discuss concerns about companies rushing to deploy cash too quickly.When uncertainty abounded at the start of the pandemic, companies drew down revolvers, issued debt, cut capital expenditures (capex), halted share repurchases—whatever it took to conserve cash for the troubling times ahead.  A few months later, after massive government stimulus and a recovering economy, many are awash in cash and trying to figure out what to do with it—or not do with it.At a recent NeuGroup meeting for large-cap companies,…
Capital MarketsInvestment Management
October 13, 2020

Hunting Yield: Investment Managers Weigh TIPS, Munis, Credit Risk

Treasury investment managers weigh options for finding returns in a low-rate environment.Treasury investment managers looking to boost returns in the current low interest-rate environment discussed a range of options at a recent NeuGroup meeting sponsored by Morgan Stanley, including Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS) and municipal bonds.  “We’re looking for alternative investment ideas to get attractive yield,” one member said. Her company is looking to return to investing overseas cash in low volatility net asset value (LVNAV) money market funds, an…
Accounting & DisclosureRisk ManagementTalking Shop
October 13, 2020

Talking Shop: How Well Does Quantum Manage Interest Rate Swap Accounting?

Member question: “For those who use Quantum as their TMS, do you also leverage Quantum for hedge accounting, and if you do, does Quantum (in your opinion) manage interest rate swap accounting well? “We have been using Reval for a while, but just wanted to know if people have been able to leverage Quantum V6+ for hedge accounting, including interest rate swaps.” Peer answer 1: “When we put our interest rate forward starting swaps in place a few years back, Quantum…