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June 9, 2020

Life Sciences Treasurers Speak to Capital Market Strategies, Insurance and Payment Fraud Mitigation

By Joseph Neu The NeuGroup Life Sciences Treasurers’ Peer Group completed its H1 meeting series last week, sponsored by Societe Generale. Here are a few takeaways I wanted to share: Three types of companies with three capital markets crisis strategies. Life sciences businesses, like those in most sectors, fall into three general capital market strategy buckets: Those needing rescue capital in order to survive through this crisis.Those looking to fortify their balance sheets.Those looking to be opportunistic to monetize high…
NeuGroup and Societe Generale
NeuGroup News
June 7, 2020

Societe Generale Supports NeuGroup Life Sciences Treasurers as They Support Their Essential Businesses

NeuGroup's Life Sciences Treasurers' Peer Group members are supporting businesses that are directly or indirectly helping with vaccines, treatments, testing and other measures to keep us safe and well in this pandemic and its aftermath. We and our sponsors at Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking - SGCIB are thus doubly proud to support them at this time. Thank you for all you do and for participating in our series of Zoom meetings. Thanks as well to Guido van Hauwermeiren, Larry Williamson and their colleagues…
NeuGroup and Latin America
NeuGroup News
June 6, 2020

Latin America Regional Treasurers Zoom in for Their 2020 H1 Meeting

Latin America is being hard hit now by both the Covid-19 virus and the economic domino effects. Thus, we wish all the best to NeuGroup Latin America Treasury Peer Group members as they work to support their businesses and all their stakeholders in the region while keeping their families safe and well.  Thanks for Zooming in for the 2020 H1 Meeting! Anne Friberg and Martin Trueb led the way to a meaningful exchange at their meeting this week, obrigado.
Working Capital Cycle
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June 1, 2020

C2FO Showcases Scope Expansion to AT Leaders

By Joseph Neu C2FO sponsored our recent Assistant Treasurers’ Leadership Group Meeting on Zoom. Their scope expansion, which is indicative of ways working capital platforms can support business ecosystems in this crisis, is my first of three takeaways from that meeting. Working capital platforms expand their scope. Platforms such as C2FO’s focusing on intermediating between buyers with access to capital and a wide range of suppliers with working capital needs have a vital role to play in this pandemic. C2FO…
NeuGroup News
May 31, 2020

HSBC Supports European Regional Treasury Centers

The importance of regional treasury centers has been further validated by the Covid-19 crisis, says HSBC. And so have NeuGroup's European Treasury Peer Group members via their sharing and learning on how best to emerge from it. A special thank you to them for their engagement on this and other topics, as well as HSBC for their sponsorship. Tim Reid, Jean-Philippe Huguet, Holger Zeuner and Betrand de Comminges, we appreciate your insight. A wonderful job, as usual, Anne Friberg.
Digital Forecasting
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May 27, 2020

Founder’s KTAs from the Global Cash and Banking Group 2020 H1 Meeting

By Joseph Neu NeuGroup facilitated our Global Cash and Banking Group’s 2020 H1 meeting last week, sponsored by ION Treasury. Here are a few takeaways I wanted to share. Focused on cash visibility and forecasting, still. Members in this group noted that their projects and priorities had not shifted as a result of Covid-19 and its impacts, given that cash visibility and forecasting were already a priority. Using treasury technology and process improvement to get better at both also has…
Crisis Team
Pension and Benefits
May 26, 2020

Founder’s KTAs from NeuGroup for Pension and Benefits 2020 H1 Meeting

By Joseph Neu The NeuGroup for Pension and Benefits 2020 H1 meeting took place last week, sponsored by BNY Mellon and their subject matter expert Insight Investment.  Here are a few takeaways I wanted to share:  Interregnum part 2. Insight Investment CEO Abdallah Nauphal put the Covid-19 crisis into the context of his thesis presented last October that the world is in an interregnum period between the financial-economic system that emerged from World War II and what comes next. Covid-19 is…
NeuGroup and C2FO
NeuGroup News
May 25, 2020

C2FO Supports Leading Assistant Treasurers

Dru Shiner, Kevin Ehinger, Jordan Novak and the entire C2FO team, thank you for your support of NeuGroup's Assistant Treasurers' Leadership Group H1 meeting last week. I know you join me in thanking all our members who shared and learned on so many topics of note. Kudos to Scott Flieger and Edward J. Scott for bringing you all together.
Big Data
NeuGroup News
May 25, 2020

TIS Teaches Tech20HG Treasurers the Value of Bank Connectivity

NeuGroup's Tech20 High-Growth Treasurers' Peer Group met last week to share and learn with each other and TIS (Treasury Intelligence Solutions), our H1 sponsor, on capital plans, bank connectivity and data for cash forecasts. Thank you to all, including Joerg Wiemer and Markus Holzmüller from TIS, and Alice Xu who was to have hosted IRL. Kudos to Anne Friberg and Martin Trueb for leading the proceedings.
Cash management
NeuGroup News
May 25, 2020

ION Treasury Supports Global Cash and Banking Group

Our Global Cash and Banking Group is arguably the most important group in the NeuGroup Network right now, given its focus on cash. A huge thank you to its members therefore for sharing and learning on this all-important topic at last week's meeting and to ION Treasury for their insight plus supporting #neugroupGCBG this meeting cycle.  Michael Kolman, Leslie Regino and all of your colleagues at ION, thank you.  Julie Zawacki-Lucci, CTP, you pulled together another big meeting on Zoom, well done!