Automating FX Trades: How Heavy a Lift?

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Key takeaways from 360T from a NeuGroup Virtual Interactive Session

Earlier this summer, technology provider 360T discussed some of the benefits of automating FX trades at a Virtual Interactive Session for NeuGroup members called “Demystifying Automated Trading Across the Trade Lifecycle.” Following are some takeaways as distilled by 360T about the technology lift involved in automating workflows and trade execution.

  • Although some of the treasurers expressed optimism that automated trading solutions could help improve their FX workflow and execution, there was clearly some trepidation about how onerous the lift on their end would be to actually implement any of these solutions.
  • Specifically, some of the participants said that the integration work with their existing technology stack—which included TMSs, ERPs, post-trade systems and in some cases 3rd part TCA systems—seemed intimidating.

  • Although it was pointed out that there is a wide range of different automated tools available to treasurers today that require different degrees of implementation work, the consensus was that it is not an insignificant undertaking to introduce new technology to treasury operations.
  • However, it was highlighted that the process is not comparable to implementing a new TMS and that it takes a matter of weeks, not months or years to complete.
  • Moreover, with technology partners such as 360T willing to do all the integration work, and already being integrated with all the major TMSs, it was explained that treasurers only need to put resources towards testing and validation in order to gain the benefits of these automated trading tools.
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