Cash Forecasting: A Member Led Benchmarking Survey Report

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Eighty-eight percent of respondents to a NeuGroup Cash Forecasting survey report they remain frustrated by the lack of visibility into, and unpredictability of, cashflows.

Key Findings. The accompanying report showcases our findings as well as practitioner input from a follow-up focus group session. Here are the four main takeaways:

Performance Measurement. Cash forecasts are notoriously unreliable. Yet 59% of respondents don’t have a target accuracy rate.

The Covid Effect. During the height of the pandemic, many finance organizations accelerated forecasting cadence to keep up with the pace of change. Those that did are in a better position to handle today’s level of uncertainty in business conditions. 

Shortening the Process. Most respondents spend 8-16 hours producing the forecast. This cycle-time is a hurdle as treasury is looking to increase forecasting frequency.

A Connectivity Conundrum. Most treasuries are already linked or plan to be linked to real-time bank data. Yet only 84% of them currently utilize  bank APIs, reflecting an immature use of APIs in treasury. It also means achieving real-time connectivity is a while a way.

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