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April 29, 2021

Talking Shop: Use a Non-Canadian Bank for Cash Management in Canada?

Editor’s note: NeuGroup brings members together to answer questions and help each other in a variety of forums, including online communities—one of many benefits of membership. Talking Shop shares valuable insights from these members-only exchanges, anonymously. Send us your responses: Member question: “Has anyone successfully used a non-Canadian bank for its primary cash management bank in Canada? If so, who? If not, why, and which Canadian bank are you using? “Our understanding is we need to have a Canadian bank,…
BankingCapital Markets
April 27, 2021

Deal Defense: Building a United Front When Debt Underwriters Grouse

The weeks and days leading up to the sale of a company’s debt can be nonstop crazy. Then there’s the bank group. After weeks of extremely busy days, late-night phone calls and early morning meetings, you’re just days away from a multibillion-dollar debt issuance. The phones are ringing and one (or more) of the calls is from a co-lead bank, still complaining about its share of the deal. After you manage to get off the phone, they call your boss…
BankingCash & Working Capital
April 20, 2021

Treasury’s Eternal Question: What is the Right Level of Liquidity?

Wells Fargo’s risk-adjusted liquidity ratio offers insights on how corporates view liquidity during recessions.Setting a target for a company’s ideal liquidity level is never easy. Corporates use a variety of metrics and liquidity ratios to get it right. But what happens when events like the global financial crisis or the pandemic push the economy into recession and force corporates to go into crisis mode? In theory, given that most companies revenues and expenses drop somewhat during a recession, they should…
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April 8, 2021

Tapping the Power of In-house Banks to Turn Cash Puddles into Pools

Mega-cap treasurers and PwC discuss multiple benefits of IHBs and some complexities of structuring them. Treasurers not sold on the value of in-house banks (IHBs) often tell Damien McMahon, a partner at PwC, “We have cash pooling already, and therefore we have a kind of in-house bank,” he recently told a group of NeuGroup members from mega-cap companies. In reality, though, many of the treasurers may have what Mr. McMahon called “cash puddles,” not cash pools.PwC and treasurers from two member…
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April 8, 2021

Talking Shop: Who Is Allowed to Open Bank Accounts at Your Company?

Editor’s note: The NeuGroup Process brings members together to solve problems and answer each other’s questions in a variety of forums, including online communities for specific groups—one of many benefits of membership. Talking Shop shares valuable insights from these members-only exchanges (anonymously) with all members and NeuGroup Insights readers. We welcome your responses—and any questions you want answered: Member question: “We are trying to do some benchmarking: Do your board resolutions allow the treasurer (and others?) to open bank…
BankingLibor SOFRNeugroup
April 6, 2021

Pricing Loans Using SOFR: Wait for Banks or Take the Initiative?

Members discuss the Libor-SOFR transition, including contracts and other non-treasury Libor exposures. Regulators want corporates and their banks to price new loans and other financial exposures using a USD Libor-replacement rate such as SOFR by the year-end deadline—just nine months away. But who should take the lead in this transition—the banks or the corporates? That question and other issues that companies confront relating to the move away from Libor arose at a recent meeting of NeuGroup for Capital Markets sponsored…
April 1, 2021

Fight and Flight: Bank Fee on SEPA Payments From UK Sparks Pushback

Corporates respond by moving accounts to other countries, pushing banks to drop the fee and lobbying regulators.The number of banks charging corporates a fee for payments going from the UK to countries in the single euro payments area (SEPA) is growing, and some NeuGroup members are taking action to minimize the impact. Echoing what treasurers in Europe reported at a recent meeting, the head of cash product at a UK-based bank said that “a lot more banks in Europe are…
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April 1, 2021

Talking Shop: Payment Platforms; Supply Chain Finance; Bank Capital

Member question 1 (payment platforms): “We are having discovery calls with FIS, TIS and Fides to understand their value propositions. “Our main pain points are having all sorts of e-banking portals, and arise when we onboard new entities (recently acquired) and penetrate new countries.“Anybody having any experiences with the vendors listed? And suggestions how to best select (did you RFP this business?).” Peer answer 1: “We have used TIS for some years now and are quite happy. They have a…
BankingDiversity & Inclusion
March 30, 2021

Beyond Deposits: An FDIC Fund Aims to Boost Equity Capital at MDIs, CDFIs

Mission-Driven Bank Fund will offer corporates a way to infuse equity capital in banks serving minority communities. Corporations looking to make impactful investments in minority communities, but not through bank deposits, may want to consider a new partner: the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)—the federal agency that insures deposits. Representatives from the FDIC and a large asset manager that is acting in an advisory role described what’s being called the Mission-Driven Bank Fund (MDBF) at a recent meeting of NeuGroup’s…