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June 3, 2021

Deep Liquidity: Officials Backing SOFR Point to the Repo Market

ARRC Chair Tom Wipf and Nate Wuerffel of the New York Fed on the benefits of SOFR vs. other rates.Know your Libor replacement term rate inside and out. That was the message delivered to regional bank treasurers by top officials leading the effort to replace USD Libor that has led to the development of the secured overnight financing rate (SOFR). More than $200 trillion in transactions are priced over Libor, but the interbank lending market on which the floating-rate benchmark…
June 3, 2021

Looking at How Banks Look at You: Revolvers, Fees and Wallet Share

Treasurers seeking clarity on bank fees and product profitability get insights from Chatham Financial and NeuGroup.At a recent meeting of NeuGroup for Large-Cap Treasurers, members compared notes on revolving credit facilities, bank groups and share of wallet issues, including which products produce the greatest return for banks. A survey taken before the meeting revealed that despite market volatility last year that could have convinced corporates to replace some banks, most members did not see the size or composition of their…
June 3, 2021

Working Together: Meaningful Relationships With Community Banks

NeuGroup’s Diversity & Inclusion Working Group meets with leading MDIs/CDFIs to identify ideal collaborations.Just over a year ago, the death of George Floyd led to a widespread cultural reckoning, with many companies pledging millions toward social justice initiatives. Some corporate treasurers are now viewing so-called impact investing as a part of regular, day-to-day activity. At a Q&A session with executives from five leading minority depository institutions (MDIs) and community development financial institution (CDFIs), NeuGroup’s Diversity and Inclusion Working Group shared…
May 27, 2021

Putting Money Where Your Mouth Is: Diversity Scores for Bank Groups

One treasury team factors the diversity of its bank coverage teams into share-of-wallet decisions.As corporations articulate diversity and inclusion (D&I) goals more publicly, treasurers are setting out to live up to D&I values on their own teams and apply them to their banking relationships as well. At a recent meeting of NeuGroup for Tech Treasurers, one member said his team surveys its banks on the diversity of its coverage teams, resulting in a score that treasury takes into account for…
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May 27, 2021

Too Much Money: Banks Struggle With Surging Deposits

Banks awash in deposits need to prioritize active accounts making use of services that generate fees and revenue.Originating loans as the pandemic recedes and the economy revives is a major challenge for banks today—but so is the surge in deposits since spring 2020 and just what to do with them given the lack of precedent. Consumer and commercial deposits increased by more than $3 trillion, or roughly 20%, since the onset of pandemic through the end of December, according to…
BankingCapital MarketsCOVID-19
May 20, 2021

Bounce Back: Bank Loan Market Quickly Sees ‘Amazing Recovery’ 

U.S. Bank describes the speedy recovery of revolving credit facility issuance.Talk about a rebound: In the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic, the value of bank loan facilities put in place by corporates tanked by more than 50% to about $200 billion. In the first quarter, it topped $500 billion, above the level reached a year prior (see chart), due in part to plummeting pricing. This was among the key insights from a loan market update by Jeff Stuart, EVP and…
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April 29, 2021

Talking Shop: Use a Non-Canadian Bank for Cash Management in Canada?

Editor’s note: NeuGroup brings members together to answer questions and help each other in a variety of forums, including online communities—one of many benefits of membership. Talking Shop shares valuable insights from these members-only exchanges, anonymously. Send us your responses: [email protected] Member question: “Has anyone successfully used a non-Canadian bank for its primary cash management bank in Canada? If so, who? If not, why, and which Canadian bank are you using? “Our understanding is we need to have a Canadian bank,…
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April 27, 2021

Deal Defense: Building a United Front When Debt Underwriters Grouse

The weeks and days leading up to the sale of a company’s debt can be nonstop crazy. Then there’s the bank group. After weeks of extremely busy days, late-night phone calls and early morning meetings, you’re just days away from a multibillion-dollar debt issuance. The phones are ringing and one (or more) of the calls is from a co-lead bank, still complaining about its share of the deal. After you manage to get off the phone, they call your boss…
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April 20, 2021

Treasury’s Eternal Question: What is the Right Level of Liquidity?

Wells Fargo’s risk-adjusted liquidity ratio offers insights on how corporates view liquidity during recessions.Setting a target for a company’s ideal liquidity level is never easy. Corporates use a variety of metrics and liquidity ratios to get it right. But what happens when events like the global financial crisis or the pandemic push the economy into recession and force corporates to go into crisis mode? In theory, given that most companies revenues and expenses drop somewhat during a recession, they should…