Capital Markets
October 25, 2023

Mixed Signals: Do Recent Unicorn IPOs Mean the Window Is Open?

Recent IPOs of unicorns ended a nearly two-year drought, but CFOs and market participants don’t expect a flood—yet. The September IPOs of Arm Holdings, Klaviyo and Instacart ended a long drought of debut stock offerings from so-called unicorns—privately held startup companies that have reached a valuation of $1 billion or more. NeuGroup for Growth Company CFOs brought together chief financial officers of other fast-growing firms, including some unicorns, to discuss whether the recent crop of IPOs means corporates that have been standing by for the…
Capital MarketsInvestment Management
October 19, 2023

Reverse Repo: A Safe Haven for Cash Amid Financial Turbulence

Attractive yields and safety are two reasons some corporates are investing directly in reverse repos. Turmoil in the banking sector earlier this year sent shockwaves through corporate treasuries, triggering widespread reviews of credit risk policies and changes in how cash investment managers think about counterparty limits for unsecured exposure to banks. As these managers continue to seek both safety and healthy yields, reverse repurchase agreements, also known as reverse repos, are drawing increased attention globally. And no wonder: they offer corporates an additional layer…
Capital MarketsRisk Management
September 21, 2023

Corporates May Need to Add Sugar to Recipe for Bonds Funding M&A

Investors may demand better terms in special mandatory redemption clauses amid longer deal review times and rate cut risk. Treasury teams structuring bond deals to fund M&A transactions who want to lock in rates before an acquisition closes may need to sweeten the terms of a clause in bond offerings called a special mandatory redemption. The key reason: increased risks for investors stemming from longer regulatory reviews of mergers and the possibility that deals fall apart. SMRs typically require an issuer…
Capital MarketsRisk ManagementTechnology
August 23, 2023

Focal Points: Tech and Risk Among Treasurers’ Top 10 Priorities

NeuGroup meetings in 2023 H1 offered unique insights into critical concerns for treasury teams in the months ahead. Hundreds of members of NeuGroup’s treasury peer groups met during the first half of the year to discuss a multitude of critical topics they face and share their main priorities for 2023. While the groups vary in company size, member titles and geography, 10 themes dominated the conversations in NeuGroup’s singular projects and priorities sessions. Here’s what’s top of mind: 1. Modernizing…
Capital MarketsInvestment Management
August 9, 2023

Gear Shift: Cash Investment Managers Eying Eventual Rate Cuts

With the end of Fed rate hikes in view, some managers are now talking about extending investment duration. When 2023 began, corporate cash investment teams were battening down the hatches, keeping maturities very short in anticipation of more interest rate hikes. Almost eight months later, the discussion has shifted to when the Fed might start cutting rates, leading to a flatter and eventually steeper yield curve, opening the door to extending duration. “Short-term rates may exceed or be more optimal than investing…
BankingCapital MarketsTechnology
June 22, 2023

Best of NeuGroup Insights, First Half of 2023

Technology, the banking crisis and uncertainty about interest rates created challenges and opportunities for treasury, FP&A and other finance teams, reflected in these top-10 posts, which include a podcast and a video. Telling topics. The 10 most popular posts from NeuGroup Insights from the first half of 2023 provide a clear window into how finance teams throughout the Office of the CFO—such as treasury and FP&A—have stepped up this year and managed new, complex risks posed by the banking crisis…
Capital Markets
June 14, 2023

High Rates Boost Allure of Upgrades to Investment Grade Ratings

Companies on the cusp of IG may want to push for an upgrade and sacrifice some flexibility amid higher interest rates. The surge in interest rates to 15-year highs has treasury teams at companies with credit ratings on the brink of investment grade (IG) grappling with an important decision: Should they push to achieve IG status or maintain the financing flexibility of being just below IG—an easier choice when Fed Funds rates were near 0% vs. 5% today. One treasurer…
Capital MarketsRisk Management
April 6, 2023

Volatile Rates Spark Corporate Interest in Pre-Issuance Hedging

Multiple members have executed pre-issuance hedges in recent weeks, with many more strongly considering them. Extreme volatility in interest rates is fueling strong interest in pre-issuance hedging among NeuGroup members who want to mitigate risk—especially those who plan to issue fixed-rate debt in 2023. At the first-half meeting of NeuGroup for Capital Markets sponsored by Chatham Financial and Loop Capital Markets, members and representatives from Chatham agreed that this is an opportune time for companies to consider pre-issuance hedging, particularly using forward-starting swaps.…
Capital MarketsDiversity & Inclusion
March 9, 2023

Win-win: Prioritizing D&I Firms for Share Repurchase Programs

Many NeuGroup members say diverse-owned firms excel at open market share repurchases. A long-simmering debate over share repurchases is heating up, generating headlines featuring President Biden and Warren Buffett. But there is no debating that stock buybacks remain a hugely significant tool for corporate capital allocation: they’re projected to exceed $1 trillion in 2023. Bigger insight: Comments about buybacks by NeuGroup members at recent meetings also reveal growing agreement that diverse-owned banks and brokerage firms are distinguishing themselves on share repurchases, providing treasury teams with top-rate…
Capital MarketsESG
February 23, 2023

How GM Treasury Drives the Company to a Sustainable Future

GM’s aims for carbon neutrality by 2040 will rely on treasury’s contributions—from acquisitions to green bonds. Treasury at General Motors is playing an active role and working closely with the business as the automaker moves away from producing vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE) and pushes deeper into manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs). Speaking at the pilot session of NeuGroup for Auto and Transportation, GM assistant treasurer Gustavo Vello described how treasury is helping the automaker achieve its strategic goals. Gustavo…