Capital MarketsCash & Working CapitalCompliance
January 12, 2022

Talk About SEC’s Proposed 30-Day Buyback Cooling-Off Period Heats Up

Members say the proposal for 10b5-1 plans would limit a corporate’s flexibility to execute buybacks efficiently.The SEC’s proposal that corporates wait 30 days after the adoption of a Rule 10b5-1 share repurchase plan before buying back stock would significantly restrict the flexibility of companies to execute the plans effectively. That key takeaway emerged at a session NeuGroup convened this week at the request of treasurers examining the potential implications of several SEC proposals issued Dec. 15 regarding 10b5-1 plans, including…
Cash & Working CapitalESGTechnology
January 4, 2022

NeuGroup’s Top Five 2021 Insights

Reassessing finance organizations under new leadership tops the list of 2021 insights.By Joseph NeuBefore we plunge full throttle into the new year, I wanted to distill what struck me as the key takeaways from 2021, our second year of accelerated change and pandemic-fueled challenges. 1. Questioning the way things have been done. The pandemic encouraged transformational thinking as many legacy business processes and delivery models did not perform well during lockdowns nor in a work-from-home environment. Covid-19 also sparked a new…
Cash & Working CapitalTechnology
December 8, 2021

Cashing in on AI to Boost Accuracy in Forecasting Receivables

Danone North America took an overly manual process, added artificial intelligence, and now gets close to 100% accuracy. Cash collection during the pandemic has been a big issue for corporates, with many facing uncertainty and lower cash flows. That’s why cash forecasting, and one of its main components, receivables calculations, have become more important than ever. And it’s also why more companies are turning to automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the accuracy of those forecasts. Fewer lumps and errors. At…
Capital AllocationCash & Working Capital
November 17, 2021

New Wrinkles to Iron Out in Capital Structure Analysis as Fed Resets

Five areas of focus for treasury teams embarking on new analysis of capital structure as the outlook for rates changes.Capital structure analysis has taken on added importance and complexity for corporate treasurers who piled on liquidity to survive the pandemic but are now “skeptical about keeping a large chunk of change around,” as one member put it at a recent meeting of NeuGroup for Large-Cap Treasurers. NeuGroup senior executive advisor Roger Heine, a former investment banker experienced in helping companies…
Cash & Working CapitalTechnology
November 3, 2021

Food for Treasury Thought: A Recipe to Set Minimum Cash Levels

One high-growth tech treasurer shares the multiple ingredients he uses to cook up a cash level that hits the spot. Every corporate treasurer needs to have a point of view about the level of cash their company should keep on hand.  Too much and activist investors may begin targeting the company’s stock. But wind up with too little to weather an emergency and the treasurer could be looking for a new job.   Members of NeuGroup for Growth-Tech Treasurers tackled this…
Cash & Working CapitalFXTechnology
October 21, 2021

Closing Loops: Connecting FX Hedging and Cash Forecasts

How one member uses Cashforce to save time and money on FX trades—and helped create an automated hedging process.One assistant treasurer at a recent NeuGroup virtual interactive session said that her primary project for 2021 is “to make treasury as no-touch as possible.” This is a common theme for treasurers recently, though it’s not always clear where to start. Her first step was to seek potential connections in existing processes and platforms—which led to an overhauled and streamlined process for foreign…
Cash & Working CapitalFP&A
September 16, 2021

Here and Now: The Benefits of Right-Time Finance for FP&A

At a time when agile enterprises are in favor, OneStream suggests finance functions live more in the moment.Accounting functions tend to look backward, with reporting that’s subject to close processes and consolidation. Planning and forecasting, on the other hand, is looking forward, seeking to support business partnerships by helping managers predict what’s coming. Covid—especially the early period of the pandemic, which was arguably the most forecasted and re-forecasted period in modern history—has helped emphasize the importance of focusing more on…
Cash & Working CapitalTechnology
August 5, 2021

Helping Hand: Using Cashforce to Manage Growth Through M&A

How one treasurer used Cashforce technology to improve forecasting and support growth.When one treasurer saw that his team was getting too bogged down managing the company’s dozens of bank accounts across 25 entities, he sought out an automated cash management system, but he had a concern: the company is continually growing through mergers and acquisitions, and in the past, new accounts made everything muddy. The process of integrating a new entity and any accounts it brings along can be cumbersome—and…
Capital MarketsCash & Working Capital
June 15, 2021

Convertibles, Speed and Capital Structure: A Tech Banker’s Take

An interview with Lucia Greenblatt, managing director of technology banking at MUFG, on a SAAS company’s financing journey. The optimal capital structure for a high-growth technology company may change significantly as its business develops and its financing options increase—one reason corporates that issue convertible bonds early in their trajectory often replace them with alternatives more suited to mature businesses with investment-grade (IG) credit metrics or ratings That takeaway sprang from a session at a recent meeting of NeuGroup for Growth-Tech…
Cash & Working CapitalSenior Executive
May 27, 2021

No Walk in the Park: Overcoming Resistance To Embrace a Cash Culture

One treasurer’s rocky quest to shift his company’s focus from P&L to cash.When one NeuGroup member saw an opportunity to elevate treasury’s role within the company while focusing its overall view of cash, he took it—but the journey was no walk in the park. He encountered some resistance from leadership and the FP&A team, but was able to work with them to reconcile two methods for cash flow forecasting and take a more active approach to cash management.The member, the treasurer at…