October 11, 2023

Why FX Algos May Belong in a Risk Manager’s Trading Toolbox

Some NeuGroup members are using algos to reduce trading costs and take advantage of aggregated liquidity in the FX spot market. FX algos offer corporate risk managers a well-established technology tool that can, ideally, lower trading costs while increasing speed and efficiency without moving the market when the need to trade falls outside the window of optimal liquidity in the forex market. Algos allow managers to define specific trading rules based on timing, price or quantity to determine trade execution…
Cash & Working CapitalFXTechnology
September 27, 2023

Machine Learning Wizardry: Analytics-Based Cash-Type Forecasting

Data science “wizards” and clean, treasury-tagged cash transaction data are transforming cash forecasting at one corporate. Transaction tagging, data science “wizards,” statistical models and machine learning (ML) are the current cornerstones of an ambitious, yearslong project by treasury at one NeuGroup member company to transform cash forecasting—which now includes grouping cash transactions by type. The FX leader and a member of his team shared details of the project, some of its successes and what they have learned along the way…
FXTechnologyThe NeuGroup Insights Interview
September 12, 2023

One Man’s Goal: Leveling the Playing Field for FX Trades

Just Technologies CEO Anders Bakke wants to give corporates pricing data that lets them negotiate better with banks. In the newest episode of NeuGroup’s Strategic Finance Lab podcast, NeuGroup founder and CEO Joseph Neu talks with a man on a mission to bring more pricing transparency to corporate treasury teams that trade in the foreign exchange market. His name is Anders Nicolai Bakke, a serial entrepreneur who is the CEO and founder of Just Technologies, or Just for short. The…
FXTalking ShopTechnology
September 7, 2023

Talking Shop: FX Dashboards Made With Tableau or Power BI

Editor’s note: NeuGroup’s online communities provide members a forum to pose questions and give answers. Talking Shop shares valuable insights from these exchanges, anonymously. Send us your responses: [email protected]. Context: FX dashboards are an extremely useful tool for treasury teams managing currency risk and shaping the narrative delivered to C-Suite executives about treasury’s ability to hedge the impact of FX rate swings. Well-designed dashboards—some using real-time data—allow risk managers to monitor exposures and dynamically illustrate cash flow, balance sheet and other important areas affected by FX…
Cash & Working CapitalFXRegional
August 9, 2023

Argentina: Trapped Cash, Election Tea Leaves, Chinese Currency

Dollar-linked investments are one way multinationals are preparing for a possible devaluation of the Argentine peso. Multinational corporations closely watching Argentina’s primary elections on Aug. 13 for a preview of the general presidential election in October face significant uncertainty about the magnitude and timing of a possible devaluation of the Argentine peso. Many are seeking ways to hedge their exposure to the currency as they struggle to get trapped cash out of a country with capital controls, spiraling inflation, taxes on imports and a scarcity…
April 20, 2023

Automation Pumps New Life Into a FX Trade Life Cycle

Automating trade operations lets treasury focus on strategy and understanding economic drivers of FX exposures. “Automate the operations, unlock the strategy.” That concise phrase encapsulates the transformational and holistic approach to consolidating and managing data, including exposures, at high velocity within the FX trade life cycle adopted by one NeuGroup member company. And the phrase served as a subheading for a presentation made by a manager in the company’s global treasury FX risk management group at the fall meeting of NeuGroup…
March 30, 2023

Fed Up With Fees but Finding Few Options to Bloomberg Terminal

Members express frustration with Bloomberg’s data licensing fees and some explore alternatives. The cost of paying Bloomberg’s data fees on top of what the company charges for a Terminal subscription sparked complaints and conversation at a recent meeting of NeuGroup for Foreign Exchange 2. The prices present a dilemma for treasury teams that don’t use the high-end tool on a daily basis but haven’t found alternatives they really like. One member said her treasury team only logs on to Bloomberg Anywhere three times…
March 16, 2023

Advancing Analytics: FX is Embracing AI and ML

Rising pressure to protect earnings from currency volatility is prompting FX risk managers to pursue more advanced analytics.Sixty-nine percent: That’s the percentage of participants in a recent NeuGroup for Foreign Exchange monthly session who are already using or are exploring the adoption of advanced analytics solutions. Their reasons include improving the quality of the FX exposure forecast, conducting scenario planning and having a more refined capability to measure hedge program performance in terms of volume, effectiveness and cost. A sweeping trend. The pursuit…
March 2, 2023

Lowering the Volume on FX Noise in the P&L

Higher interest rates and economic uncertainty have treasuries taking a long look at FX risk management programs. Recent signs of economic strength and enduring inflation have raised the specter of more interest rate hikes. This does not come as a surprise to NeuGroup members: In the Treasurers’ 2023 Agenda Survey, they ranked political and financial volatility as second and third on their list of risks for this year. That’s up from fourth and fifth place in 2022. Increased scrutiny. While economic and…
January 12, 2023

Seeing Is Believing: Micron Collaborates With Procurement To Cut Costs

Treasury at Micron is partnering with the procurement team to mitigate financial risk from supplier contracts. The US dollar and commodity price strength have provided treasury an opportunity to demonstrate its capability to accurately mitigate a company’s financial risk exposure. They have also increased awareness about the consequences of commodity and FX fluctuations at the business-unit level. Micron Technology, a semiconductor company with global operations and heavy manufacturing in APAC, is US-dollar functional across its enterprise. Therefore, procuring tools and…