Capital Markets
May 8, 2024

A Real Share Repurchase Alternative to ASRs and OMRs: eOMRs

Matthews South, a leading advisor on buyback programs, has developed an enhanced open market repurchase solution that gives companies a compelling option to traditional methods.Companies planning stock buybacks in 2024 and beyond may do themselves a real favor by considering a compelling alternative to standard open market repurchases (OMRs) and accelerated share repurchases (ASRs). It’s a buyback program offered by Matthews South, a capital markets advisory firm that has transformed enhanced open market repurchases (eOMRs)—which banks have offered for years—by significantly lowering…
TechnologyThe NeuGroup Insights Interview
March 28, 2024

Treasury 4’s Mission: Unlock the Power of Data for Finance Teams

Fintech founders Ed Barrie, Steve Helmbrecht and Nathan Brown explain what compelled them to reunite. The most sophisticated finance and treasury teams are ahead of the curve in turning heaps of data into actionable insights, often with the aid of visualization tools that tell a story better than just facts and figures. A fintech called Treasury4 wants to make data-driven decision-making more accessible than ever for corporates of any size. In the newest episode of NeuGroup’s Strategic Finance Lab podcast—available now on Apple and Spotify, and sponsored…
RegionalThe NeuGroup Insights Interview
February 7, 2024

Fitch Economist Olu Sonola Sees Mixed Bag for Corporates in 2024

Companies face cooling inflation but elevated wage growth amid a slowing economy with recession unlikely. In a Strategic Finance Lab podcast you can listen to on Apple and Spotify, Fitch Ratings’ head of US Regional Economics Olu Sonola paints a relatively positive picture of the economic outlook in 2024, thanks in large part to the strength of the US consumer and declining inflation. “The balance sheet of the US consumer is very, very strong,” he tells NeuGroup Peer Group leader Andy Podolsky in the podcast recorded in December 2023…
Capital MarketsInvestment Management
October 19, 2023

Reverse Repo: A Safe Haven for Cash Amid Financial Turbulence

Attractive yields and safety are two reasons some corporates are investing directly in reverse repos. Turmoil in the banking sector earlier this year sent shockwaves through corporate treasuries, triggering widespread reviews of credit risk policies and changes in how cash investment managers think about counterparty limits for unsecured exposure to banks. As these managers continue to seek both safety and healthy yields, reverse repurchase agreements, also known as reverse repos, are drawing increased attention globally. And no wonder: they offer corporates an additional layer…
Accounting & DisclosureCash & Working Capital
November 17, 2022

FASB Has Issued New Disclosure Rules for Supply Chain Finance. What Do They Mean for Corporates?

The FASB’s disclosure rules will bring transparency to SCF programs but don’t require reclassification of trade payables. The world of supply chain finance (SCF) is facing a major change. Starting in 2023, corporations that extend payment terms with their suppliers and set up SCF programs so those vendors can be paid early by a bank or other third-party finance provider will have to disclose the terms and size of the SCF programs in financial statement footnotes. “It’s one of the…
November 7, 2022

The Science of FX Exposure Management

FX volatility and economic uncertainty are putting pressure on treasury to optimize risk management programs and provide management and the business with insight and foresight on how currency moves can impact revenue and the P&L. FX risk managers are under the microscope. “For the last six months, there’s been more intense attention on what my team is doing than for the past five years,” said a member of NeuGroup for Foreign Exchange. He is not alone. The US dollar’s ascent,…
FXSenior Executive
September 20, 2022

Answering the CFO’s Call

A soaring dollar is threatening earnings; get ready for more CFO questions. The dollar’s ascent is causing a lot of heartburn for CFOs and boards. A stronger greenback reduces the value of FX-denominated income. For many US companies, foreign income comprises a large chunk of total revenue; thus, the hit to earnings can be substantial. In recent NeuGroup peer group sessions, the topic of containing the impact of a stronger dollar on financial results has been prevalent and reached far…
July 14, 2022

Reducing FX Risk: The AtlasFX Vision

AtlasFX CFO Scott Bilter discusses the implications of a possible commodity bull market for FX risk managers in an interview with NeuGroup CEO Joseph Neu. Managing foreign exchange risk at multinational corporations is never easy. But it’s definitely harder during periods of market volatility and economic uncertainty—like the one roiling FX markets now. Among the recent challenges facing NeuGroup members who manage FX risk: The US dollar has soared against the euro and the Japanese yen as the Federal Reserve…
April 21, 2022

A New Approach for Corporates Reducing Carbon Footprints: Investing in Renewable Energy Private Equity Strategies

PE funds producing returns and carbon credits may attract corporates with business, suppliers and cash in China. Mounting pressure on corporates to achieve net-zero carbon emissions or carbon neutral targets is prompting more of them to consider investing in private equity (PE) strategies focused on renewable energy assets. The trend is in its early stages, and companies need to thoroughly vet impact fund managers and understand regional investment characteristics before taking the plunge. But it’s clear that treasury and finance…
October 18, 2021

Teaming Up with Tech Firms: Deutsche Bank’s Multifaceted Approach to Cash Management Solutions

Deutsche Bank veteran Suman Chaki explains a strategy of developing bank-agnostic solutions with tech partners like TIS while continuing to invest in proprietary tools to solve problems faced by corporate clients. Deutsche Bank managing director Suman Chaki has an impressive and extensive record of advising corporate clients and helping them solve a variety of cash management challenges. So it’s no surprise that his insights and perspective on what treasury teams at multinational corporations want and need from banks, and how…