November 29, 2019

ION Treasury’s Cross-Product Solutions Strategy Reassures Some TMS Clients

By Antony Michels Company is highlighting innovations that work for all seven of ION’s treasury management systems. In the latest example of its cross-product, multi-brand strategy, this month ION Treasury is launching a cash forecasting solution powered by machine learning for its Reval and ITS treasury clients. ION says the strategy is to build solutions like this once and deploy them to all of its treasury brands, including Wallstreet Suite, Treasura, IT2, Openlink and City Financials. Cross-product solutions. The cash…
October 9, 2019

Tassat Offers Less Volatile Method of Corporate Blockchain Payments

The hype about blockchain technology has subsided as financial institutions and their corporate clients have set to work on developing practical applications. Tassat Group, known as trueDigital until a recent rebranding, launched just such an application last December that is being used by New York-based Signature Bank’s customers, and soon a large investment bank may make the service available to its corporates. “We’re working with another top-tier investment bank on a use case similar to what we have with Signature,”…