Cyber riskRisk ManagementTechnology
February 4, 2021

Questions About Answers: Moody’s Cybersurvey Raises a Few Concerns

NeuGroup members want to know how the credit rating agency will use survey responses about cyber risk.High-profile corporate cyberattacks have many companies reevaluating how they mitigate cyber risk. And over the past few months, some NeuGroup members have received a lengthy survey from Moody’s asking questions about their companies’ approaches to cybersecurity. The survey, which Moody’s says has about 60 questions, has raised questions—and a few concerns—about what Moody’s will do with the answers.Below is some of what members said…
Capital MarketsTechnology
January 14, 2021

Fertile Ground: Capital Markets Look Good for Growing Tech Companies

Bank of the West/BNP Paribas sees inviting conditions for young companies raising capital in 2021.Capital markets bounced back strongly in the second half of 2020, with soaring levels of convertible bond deals and a healthy climate for IPOs and high-yield bonds. Favorable conditions will continue to benefit emerging technology companies this year, according to Bank of the West/BNP Paribas, sponsor of the fall meeting of the Tech20 High-Growth Treasurers’ Peer Group. Highlights:Low high-yields. Volatility due to political tensions and a…
COVID-19TechnologyTreasury Management
January 12, 2021

Bridging a Skills Gap Facing Finance Teams as Businesses Transform

Data from The Hackett Group show more companies plan to launch talent development initiatives this year. The good news is that more finance teams are placing a higher priority on aligning the skills and talents of their members with changing business needs amid digital transformation. The somewhat bad news is that many of those teams currently lack the abilities necessary to make that alignment a reality. Those are among the takeaways from survey data collected and analyzed by The Hackett Group…
COVID-19Cyber riskTechnology
January 12, 2021

Locking Up: Preventing Cyberfraud Attacks by Identifying Weaknesses

NeuGroup members share successes and failures keeping their companies secure amid the shift to an all-digital workforce.The all-digital work from home environment has left treasury teams more connected to their devices than ever, but also left them—and their companies—more vulnerable to fraud. But by identifying weaknesses early, teams can resolve issues before fraudsters even have a chance to strike. Members at a recent meeting of NeuGroup’s Treasurers’ Group of Thirty discussed their approaches to prevent the threat, one that continues…
Cash & Working CapitalRegionalTechnology
January 7, 2021

Raising the Bar: How AI, ML and Big Data Could Fix Cash Forecasts

Asia Treasury members discuss how advanced technology may boost satisfaction with forecasting tools.  A quick poll at a fall meeting of the Asia Treasury Peer Group sponsored by Standard Chartered underscored both the dissatisfaction of members with their cash forecasting tools and the intensifying scrutiny of cash positions by senior management since the beginning of the pandemic. None of the treasurers polled are highly satisfied with their current set of tools: 60% have low satisfaction and 40% said medium. All of…
COVID-19TechnologyTreasury Management
January 7, 2021

The Post-Covid Playbook: WFH Flexibility and Office Collaboration

The goal is keeping the good parts of work from home, replacing the bad with the benefits of office teamwork.Corporates looking ahead to a post-Covid world are taking stock of how the shift to work from home (WFH) has changed the ways that teams function—for better and worse. This requires weighing the beneficial flexibility offered by remote work against the detrimental loss of collaboration that is only possible when people are in the same building. As some companies consider abandoning…
Cash & Working CapitalTechnology
January 5, 2021

Getting Granular: A Tool to Dig Deeper and Improve Cash Forecasts

How Cashforce built a stronger foundation for one member’s cash flow forecasting and working capital optimization.Covid-19 shook the foundations of cash flow forecasting and working capital management for companies facing uncertainty about revenues, vendor payments, appropriate inventory levels and adequate cash reserves. At a recent NeuGroup virtual interactive session, one participant impressed others by describing how a fintech solution provided by Cashforce a year earlier allowed his company to dig into the weeds of business operations, examining line-item details of…
Capital MarketsESGTechnology
December 22, 2020

Best of NeuGroup Insights 2020

2020 was a year to remember—even if it left us with much we would rather forget. Editor’s note: The power to move forward is the best gift any of us will receive this year. In 2021, our team will use that gift to redouble our efforts to bring you valuable insights that help you thrive in an uncertain world. You can read those insights here on our website or by signing up for our email newsletter (click here). This week’s newsletter, our…
BankingCapital MarketsTechnology
December 15, 2020

Is the Corporate Bond Market Ready for Digital Transformation?

Former NeuGroup members look to convince today’s treasurers that the current system needs to change. By Joseph Neu In the wake of a record year for corporate debt issuance—around $2 trillion in the US alone, generating estimated fees for banks topping $8 billion—this is a good time to assess if the corporate bond market needs transformation. As part of a new series of virtual interactive sessions on fintech solutions to perennial treasury and finance function challenges, NeuGroup hosted a session…
ComplianceRisk ManagementTechnology
December 10, 2020

How to Engineer Complicated Engineering Audits

Recruiting engineers to join audit teams bolsters accuracy as well as credibility.Highly technical engineering audits can be among the most challenging for internal auditors. A member of NeuGroup’s Internal Auditors’ Peer Group (IAPG) queried fellow internal auditors in a recent meeting about what parts of engineering they audit and the makeup of those auditing teams. Expertise in short supply. A peer said engineering takes up more than 30% of his team’s 100-audit plan, and one of the challenges is finding sufficient…