COVID-19TechnologyTreasury Management
July 16, 2020

Pandemic Pushes Companies to Digitize Processes, Prioritize People

Treasurers at tech firms push to abandon legacy processes while focusing on keeping teams connected. Many tech companies during the pandemic have been able to announce that they will not lay anyone off during the crisis—and have been able to keep their promise. Unfortunately, that’s not universally true—some businesses have been particularly hard hit and have had to furlough or cut staff, and consequently do more with less. This prompted a hard look at projects and their prioritization for many members of…
BankingCash & Working CapitalTechnology
July 14, 2020

Under the Hood of the Global Payments System: Complexity

How TIS helped The Adecco Group harmonize payment, reporting and bank account management processes.So, you need to make payments? Sounds simple, but once you look under the hood of the global payments apparatus—which has developed differently in different places for different currencies—you will discover separate layers of complexity. That’s according to Joerg Wiemer, co-founder and CEO of Treasury Intelligence Solutions, or TIS. Put simply, there are three different sources of complexity. The connection and integration of the ERP and the bank…
Cash & Working CapitalTechnology
July 9, 2020

Brain Game: Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Cash Forecasting

ION’s plans to tap machine learning, deep learning and neural networks to help treasurers.   Making better use of technology to improve cash flow forecasting (and cash visibility) has taken on greater importance during the pandemic for many companies where it was already a high priority. That was among the key takeaways at the spring virtual meeting of the Global Cash and Banking Group, sponsored by ION Treasury. ION sells seven different treasury management systems (TMSs), including Reval and Wallstreet Suite.Among…
June 23, 2020

Can You Save A Month a Year Automating FX Trades?

360T says corporates can use the roughly four weeks saved by automating FX “nuisance trades” to spend time on more valuable analytical work.  The graphic above demonstrates some of the benefits of automating FX trades described by technology provider 360T at a recent interactive session for NeuGroup members called “Demystifying Automated Trading Across the Trade Lifecycle.” The time savings accrue by eliminating the need to manually enter orders onto trading platforms, examine the pricing offered, choose among competing banks (and sometimes talking…
Cash & Working CapitalTechnology
June 16, 2020

A Win-Win Solution to Save Suppliers and Manage Corporate Cash

C2FO gives on and off-balance sheet options for early payments to suppliers in need. As suppliers struggle in the COVID-19 economic environment, getting cash to them quickly can be a lifesaver, and even better is letting them choose the rate that’s most suitable for their circumstances. At a recent NeuGroup virtual meeting, a major retailer described how C2FO’s unique platform gives even small suppliers ready access to a flexible, in-house, early funding program or supply chain finance (SCF) solution. Cash management…
Risk ManagementTechnology
May 21, 2020

Aligning Risks to Inculcate Risk Awareness

How one company’s ERM team is raising risk awareness and its own profile by organizing the firm’s sprawling risks.Sometimes the best way to add importance to your function is to look to the top. To management, that is. This was what one company’s enterprise risk management team did to accomplish two things: help organize the company’s risks and add a level of seriousness to the function itself.The head of this ERM team recently described, at NeuGroup’s Corporate ERM Group’s annual meeting,…
May 19, 2020

Pandemic Raises the Stakes for Banks to Double Down on Digital

Digital banking is speeding up, and banks not getting ahead of the trend will be left behind. Now is the time for all good bankers to embrace digital banking—or risk being left behind as the pandemic accelerates a trend that was gaining momentum well before the arrival of COVID-19. Engaging with digital now is also smart because the barrier to entry is relatively small and the returns can be significant. Those were among the insights from a presentation at a…
TechnologyTreasury Management
May 19, 2020

Lessons Learned From a Major Treasury Integration and Enhancement

Consultants and lots of testing may pay off for corporates picking a single TMS following an acquistion.  The merger of two large technology companies resulted in a highly ambitious integration and upgrade of numerous treasury functions and systems, and provided lessons for one NeuGroup member about setting realistic goals and the value of rigorous testing. TMS timing. The member, who worked through many long days during the process, walked peers through the decision-making and implementation steps. The acquired company went live on…
TechnologyTreasury Management
May 14, 2020

Treasurers Are Making the Most of Zoom and Microsoft Teams

The buzz: Zoom’s security improves, Teams may help IT governance, and more access to Bloomberg. Virtual meetings have been a godsend to corporate treasury executives sheltering in place, despite occasional glitches. In a recent Zoom meeting, NeuGroup members exchanged valuable tips about making their virtual interactions more efficient and effective. Kudos for Teams. A few participants using Microsoft Teams while working from home heaped praise on the solution. Responding to requests to elaborate, one member called it “absolutely superb for team working,”…
May 12, 2020

Pandemic Pushes Some Companies Away From Checks, Toward Real-Time Payments

U.S. Bank sees more clients opting for RTP in a bid to gain control and improve forecasting.The COVID-19 pandemic appears to be persuading more companies to consider abandoning paper checks and start using electronic payment rails to pay bills — even though many corporate treasurers do not view speed as a major incentive to switch. That insight emerged during a presentation by U.S. Bank at a recent NeuGroup meeting it sponsored.  Old, suboptimal habits in the US. Here’s some context for where…