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Celebrating Colleagues Who Embody the Spirit of Collaboration and Innovation

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NeuGroup team members gathered this week at Nexus Club New York and via Zoom for a hybrid meeting where the agenda included voicing deep appreciation and gratitude to assistant peer group leader Jacob Bromsey and marketing director Vanesha Jaiswal-Azad.

  • Their stellar contributions this year earned them high praise from colleagues who nominated Jake and Vanesha for this honor. Our new chief operating officer Amy Kemmerer put together the word clouds you see above that consist of phrases used by colleagues to describe this pair of standout NeuGroup team members.
  • Vanesha and Jake embody the spirit of collaboration, ingenuity and tireless dedication that is the bedrock of NeuGroup’s commitment to leading members beyond best practice to knowledge, insight and innovation in treasury and beyond.
  • The acknowledgement they received ignited what might be called a spontaneous circle of gratitude session where colleagues paid tribute to everyone on staff who helped them achieve their goals and more. That helped set the tone for the rest of a productive and positive day (and night) of discussion, planning and strategizing.
  • The thread running through all the praise for others is how colleagues exemplify the “give to get” tenet that underlies the NeuGroup Process: Members freely share what they know and in return receive the valuable insights and knowledge earned by others through experience.
  • It’s a model for peer groups that works because of the passion and purpose of members who are dedicated to helping each other succeed. And we’re thankful to have NeuGroup peers who bring that same spirit and commitment to work every day.
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