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Chatham Financial Breaks Down Hedging Programs With NeuGroup for High Potentials

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At a NeuGroup session, Chatham Financial discusses with members the differences—and advantages—of FX and commodity risk hedging. 

Last Friday, NeuGroup for High Potentials held another great interim meeting in which sponsor Chatham Financial provided education and sparked a discussion on important FX and commodities topics. 

  • There was great feedback from attendees and continued positive response to our HiPo group, which continues to thrive. 
  • Chatham Financial joined to share actionable strategies employed by a wide range of corporates looking to maximize the impact of their hedging programs, utilizing data-driven decisions, operational efficiencies, automation of manual processes, streamlined accounting workflows and improved stakeholder communication. 

In-depth discussionAmanda Breslin, who leads Chatham’s corporate treasury advisory team, opened the meeting with a presentation along with Bryant Lee, a commodities expert, who added color on commodities. 

  • After a quick welcome to some of the group’s newest members, Chatham provided an overview of FX and commodities challenges and strategies, including: 
    • Holistic diagnosis of your operational hedging programs 
    • Driving efficiency and effectiveness 
    • Maximizing hedge program return 
  • This was followed by NeuGroup member spotlights highlighting how they address this space, including open member discussion and a Q&A with Chatham’s representatives. 

Expert opinions. Chatham Financial is a financial risk advisory and technology firm outside Philadelphia which provides advisory, analytics and hedge accounting services across interest rate, FX and commodities exposures, leveraging its ChathamDirect SaaS technology platform. 

  • Many thanks to Chatham for making this event possible, including Ms. Breslin and Mr. Lee for presenting, as well all the NeuGroup members in attendance who help keep our meetings going. 

For more on NeuGroup for High Potentials, in the group’s next session on April 15, Chatham will return to discuss rising interest rates and inflation expectations. 

  • Chatham Financial will share external market context around the current and implied future rate environment, as well as the implications to corporates. The session will include actionable risk mitigation strategies employed by a wide range of corporates looking to determine appropriate rate hedging strategies, achieve advantageous terms, and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with their partner banks in their credit facilities. 

Stay tuned to NeuGroup Insights for more on key takeaways across all NeuGroup meetings. 

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