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Connected by NeuGroup: NFT Frenzy

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How NeuGroup aided in one member’s journey from crypto novice to NFT expert.  

When one assistant treasurer had only six weeks to prepare for his company auctioning a nonfungible token (NFT), he had to become an expert—fast. So he turned to his fellow NeuGroup members for their expertise, advice and cautions, and turned his inexperience into a success story. 

Peer group leadership. The member turned the leader of his peer group, who set up a meeting within a just a few days with two treasurers who had experience in the area.  

  • “I got to talk to a few members and figure out what they were doing, and how each of them handled NFTs, what they did and how they lined it up,” the member said. 
  • In this conversation, the member learned that his company didn’t need to take on the cryptocurrency risk inherent to NFTs (for more, read our NeuGroup Insights article about his experience). 

Lean on me. “There’s always somebody out there who’s done it or is close, and after learning through their past experiences, they are willing to share,” the member said. 

  • The member said that one of his primary takeaways from the entire NFT process is that he learned to rely on the wisdom and experience of others. 
  • “I think I would’ve gone back to my team still shrugging my shoulders if I had not talked to folks in the NeuGroup, that’s the honest truth.” 

Ongoing conversation. And following this week’s NeuGroup Insights article about what the assistant treasurer learned along the way, another member reached out to his peer group leader and got in touch with the AT—the NeuGroup Experience at work. 

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