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Creating an Efficient Event Registration Process for NeuGroup Members

By November 19, 2021August 30th, 2022No Comments

We have updated our events communication and registration process to one single platform giving you, the member, easier and faster access to your meetings. 

This platform, known as Cvent, has managed over thousands of events and is a unique marketplace with powerful network abilities. Companies like Adidas, KPMG, and Johnson & Johnson, have used Cvent to better their customer experience and manage their events on one platform. 

How is Cvent going to help you? 

You will have the opportunity to access a all upcoming NeuGroup meetings, track the event information, speakers and sponsors, and even add events to your personal calendar if needed. The best part is, this can all be done on one link! Our goal is to have you be as organized as possible and with Cvent, you will only have to reference one place to find an updated agenda, session time, location, etc. 

How is Cvent going to help NeuGroup? 

Their large suite of products is going to help us automate and simplify the planning process behind our events, reach out to our members with the click of a button, and keep our members in the loop about what we have to offer and discuss. 

As we are currently in the process of making this change in order for our event registration process to be more efficient for our members, we ask you please stay tuned to hear more about the switch and when it will be implemented.

What’s the new process going to look like?

Our brand-new event management system is here to promote scale and cross-group collaboration. Members will now have to register in advance for all sessions.

All invitations will come through email, similar to the way January sessions came in. Once registered, be sure to add the event to your calendar to ensure it stays on your radar. In months to come, a brand new NeuGroup Community will roll out where you can self-service to register and attend any events you are eligible for.

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