A Treasurer’s Guide to Becoming Crypto-Ready IN PARTNERSHIP WITH B2C2

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The summer of 2022 wrought havoc on the cryptocurrency market; however, the extreme volatility did not undermine corporate treasury’s resolve to become more crypto-fluent.

Key Findings. The accompanying report is anchored by interviews with NeuGroup’s extensive network of treasury peer groups. It offers practitioner-validated insights into current and future crypto opportunities for corporates. Here are the three main takeaways:

Fast-tracking the crypto learning curve. Despite the turbulence in the crypto markets, treasury is not slowing down its efforts to become crypto-savvy. If anything, our members are setting up “SWAT” teams to quickly come up the learning curve.

Taking a phased approach. Corporate treasurers evolve their engagement in the crypto market through four distinct phases, beginning with mastering the market’s ecosystem, risks and opportunities, to ultimately building their own tech stack to enable transacting on blockchain.

Don’t be left behind. Crypto is here to stay, and most pressingly as a potential mode of payment. It’s important that treasury has the answers ready for inevitable questions from the Treasurer, CFO and business leaders about strategic growth and investment opportunities.

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