Digital Memberships

We are living now through an unprecedented crisis and connecting to share and learn with peers is critically important to get you and your team through it successfully.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, NeuGroup is inviting corporate finance and treasury practitioners, functional leaders and high-potential members of their teams,  to join our Digital Membership Program free of charge through June 30.

Digital membership will give you access to the key deliverables we are able to provide during this period when in real life meetings cannot take place. This means

  • virtual meetings,
  • digital communities and
  • privileged access to the insight we distill from all our numerous exchanges validated by our members.

Your digital membership will deliver a different experience, depending on who you are, for example:

  • NeuGroup Member status for the remainder of H1 2020 (if you fit an existing group profile and get current member approval)
  • With NeuGroup Member status, you may get:
    • An invitation to the virtual-edition of the regular H1 meeting on Zoom, for those coming up in April, May and June
    • Access to the peer group community
    • Participation in weekly peer group virtual office hour sessions
    • Invitations to relevant members-only interactive sessions on timely topics (60-90 minute Zoom meetings, not webinars)
    • Opportunities to join member working groups
  • If you don’t qualify for NeuGroup Member status, you may be:
    • Connected by NeuGroup™ to peers to share and learn for mutual success in your careers, collaborate on priority projects, topics of interest or solutions you are seeking in common
    • Given priority to become a full NeuGroup member for new peer groups formed
  • And, of course, everyone is able to sign-up  for NeuGroup Insights.

To see what digital membership can deliver for you, please fill out our form.

By answering just a few questions*, we can determine if you are fit for an existing NeuGroup, a member working group, or if we can find a match with peers to be Connected by NeuGroup™

* Note: Trust is the foundation for meaningful knowledge exchange and part of our core values. You can trust that we will use your responses solely to evaluate your digital membership options and help you get Connected by NeuGroup.™ By submitting this form you grant us to permission to do this. We will not share this information with third-parties without your subsequent permission.