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Cash Investments Group 2: ZIRP Past and Present, Investment in Bitcoin and Beyond, Plus Differentiating D&I and ESG Products and Mandates

May 20, 2021, 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

About this meeting

ZIRP similarities and differences. We will be looking at the most recent ZIRP time period and that of 2008-2015.

  • There is a plethora of data from both recent ZIRP eras, but obtaining, interpreting, and acting on the data can be challenging.
  • What specific information is most important to treasury and investment decision-making?
  • How does an external portfolio strategy team utilize the information to position their strategies in the market?

Bitcoin and beyond. We will cut through the hype surrounding corporate Bitcoin purchases to look at the bigger picture.

  • Members will hear from experts and peers on Bitcoin and the new digital/tokenization of investment products as alternatives to Bitcoin and traditional cryptocurrencies.

How to differentiate the growing number of ESG and D&I funds and incorporate them into related investment mandates.

  • How should corporate cash investors express, evaluate, and compare the different approaches in the marketplace, especially given the “data problem” of the market lacking standard metrics?
  • We will aim to help members succeed with demonstrating values, while also generating value with the additional cash on their balance sheets built up over the pandemic to cover every contingency.

Finally, the meeting will explore the economics of money funds in the current environment.

  • Tested again at the start of the pandemic, constrained by liquidity buffers and low yields, asset managers have a hard time finding room for fees to sustain their money market funds.
  • It is thus timely to dig into the cost/benefits of investing in external money funds vs. internally managed ones, as well as discuss the future of the market.
About this Peer Group

NeuGroup for Cash Investment 1 and 2 are two invitation-only groups of senior treasury professionals with responsibilities for treasury investment management at corporates with at least $2.5 billion in excess cash. The groups follow NeuGroup’s time-tested approach for membership peer groups, including facilitated agenda development, benchmarking surveys, and professional networking. Founded in 2004, they have since become the leading forum for peer knowledge exchange on cash investment practices at corporates with the largest cash portfolios.

Meeting type

Peer group meetings are the core offering of NeuGroup, and the primary venue through which members engage with one another. Peer groups have historically met twice a year in person in one-to-two-day sessions with the purpose of strengthening relationships through personal interaction, sponsor-led education sessions, and member-only sessions for sharing best practices. These groups also have access to a members-only web-based collaboration site to continue discussions between meetings.

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