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Growing Corporate Reporting on DE&I Initiatives and the Impact on Treasury, with Eaton.

December 7, 2021, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

About this meeting

Treasury professionals have been diligently working with corporate leaders to support growing Corporate ESG reporting and trying to tie those efforts to tangible initiatives within treasury. NeuGroup member Eaton Corporation recently issued their own Diversity report with interesting, ambitious goals.

We’ve invited leaders from Eaton to join this session, including Monica Jackson (Eaton’s VP of Inclusion and Diversity) and Yan Jin (Vice President, Investor Relations) to attend and encourage our members to invite their Diversity and Investor Relations leads as well.

Questions we plan to cover include:

  • How big of a trend is this type of reporting and where is it in relation to Environmental reporting?
  • What are the goals of this type of reporting?
  • What is the impact on treasury? qualitative? quantitative? both?
  • What are best practices/lessons learned?
  • What should treasury leaders be doing next to support the effort?
About this Working Group

NeuGroup formed the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Working Group in 2020 as a result of requests from members and the multiple D&I discussions appearing in individual peer group meetings. These informal working sessions provide an opportunity for interested members to share experiences on common topics, document best practices, and welcome outside experts to speak on current trends – including companies that are not yet NeuGroup members.

Meeting type

Working Group sessions are meant for interested participants from across the NeuGroup network and approved non-NeuGroup members. They are ad hoc cohorts that NeuGroup organizes when a critical “hot topic” has captured a wide range of members’ attention. Working Groups can meet just once, a handful of times, or become ongoing venues to discuss these cross-peer group issues. Recent examples include LIBOR transition, ESG, D&I, Treasury Technology, and others. These groups often include both subject matter experts and members just wishing to learn, with the possibility of splitting the groups for more detailed discussions.

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