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Scaling up Receivables Forecasting at Danone North America with Artificial Intelligence

December 1, 2021, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

  • High Radius
About this meeting

Join Jacob Whetstone, Director – Invoice to Cash, Danone NA, and Bernice Van der Velden, Senior Consultant at HighRadius to learn how Danone NA has set out to perfect its receivables forecasting process where it can now predict with 96% accuracy across business entities.

Key insights:

  1. Shifting to a daily centralized reporting from a spreadsheet-driven process.
  2. Rolling out the solution for multiple entities by managing ERP data.
  3. Contributing to the efficacy of treasury reports by including A/R forecasts.
  4. Understanding AI use-cases in capturing customer deductions and early payments into the forecasts.
About this Peer Group

NeuGroup for Large-Cap Assistant Treasurers is an invitation-only group of assistant treasurers from leading multinational corporations who share knowledge and practice for the further development of treasury expertise and careers. The group follows NeuGroup’s time-tested approach for membership peer groups, including facilitated agenda development, benchmarking surveys, and professional networking.

Meeting type

Virtual interactive sessions (VIS) are meant for any interested participants across the NeuGroup network and approved non-NeuGroup members. They are usually one-off sessions on topics that interest the broader NeuGroup network and can develop into working groups to continue the conversation further. NeuGroup has conducted dozens of these sessions since their origination in response to Covid-19 in 2020.

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