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Mid-Cap Treasurers H1 2021 Annual Meeting

April 8, 2021, 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM

  • NeuGroup
About this meeting

Members will meet to discuss on going projects and priorities, learn about sponsor Cashforce’s forecasting.

About this Peer Group

NeuGroup for Mid-Cap Treasurers is an invitation-only group of treasurers from large multinational corporations with primary oversight responsibilities for the treasury function. The group follows NeuGroup’s time-tested approach for membership peer groups, including facilitated agenda development, benchmarking surveys, and professional networking. Founded in 2005, NeuGroupfor Mid-Cap Treasurers is dedicated to treasury management at the highest level.

Meeting type

Peer group meetings are the core offering of NeuGroup, and the primary venue through which members engage with one another. Peer groups have historically met twice a year in person in one-to-two-day sessions with the purpose of strengthening relationships through personal interaction, sponsor-led education sessions, and member-only sessions for sharing best practices. These groups also have access to a members-only web-based collaboration site to continue discussions between meetings.

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