Event Calendar

Welcome to the master calendar of upcoming NeuGroup sessions! While some sessions are only open to members of that specific peer group, many are open to broader audiences. Please click on any individual event you are interested in learning more about and a NeuGroup leader will be in touch.

FX2: Transformation, Co-Innovation, Automation

How to transform, innovate and automate in the FX function is the focus for the NeuGroup for FX (2), with members leading session on these themes. Plus, a new risk management framework with sponsor Standard Chartered.

NeuGroup for Regional Bank Treasurers H2 2021 Meeting

Peer Group Meeting

Regional bank treasurers will gather to discuss a wide range of topics including the LIBOR transition, deposit modelling, portfolio investing, and share repurchase strategies.

NeuGroup for Heads of FP&A H2 Meeting

Peer Group Meeting

A two day long virtual event following the success of the inaugural meeting of our FP&A Heads Pilot Peer Group.

NeuGroup for Retail Treasurers 2021 H2 Meeting

Peer Group Meeting

Our Retail Treasurers group gathers for a full afternoon virtual meeting with sponsor J.P. Morgan Chase to discuss several current topics affecting restaurant, apparel and other retail sectors