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Finding Career Success: Embrace Change, Understand Yourself

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PwC principal Kristen Michaud discusses her career path from biology to finance, and what she’s learned along the way.

In the latest episode of NeuGroup’s Strategic Finance Lab podcast, Kristen Michaud, a principal in PwC’s Finance Transformation group, joins NeuGroup’s Julie Zawacki-Lucci to discuss what they’ve learned from decades in finance—and advice they wish they’d received earlier in their journeys.

  • In the podcast, which you can listen to now on Apple and Spotify, Ms. Michaud discusses her career path, beginning with a biology degree and possible plans for medical school—until her fascination with finance and technology took her to IBM, GE Capital and now PwC.
  • Ms. Zawacki-Lucci compares notes with Ms. Michaud and shares her insights from a decade and a half working in treasury at CVS and Hasbro. And she talks about the benefits for some working mothers—including herself—of remote and hybrid work models.

Kristen Michaud
Principal, PwC

The conversation, which was recorded during Women’s History Month, also gets into the challenges of balancing a family and personal life, especially for women with children or who plan to have them.

  • “I knew at some point I wanted to have children, so I thought I should probably get my MBA done before I wanted to have kids, right?” Ms. Michaud says. “And so that was probably one of the harder decisions: Do you have enough work experience to go get your masters or do you wait?
  • “Early career, I used to worry about always having a plan. What I’ve realized now that I’m older is that, I look back, and those things kind of naturally happen and they happen at the right time.”
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