Getting Off the Sidelines: A Treasurer’s Mission to Make Real Progress on D&I

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ServiceNow Treasurer Tim Muindi joins NeuGroup’s Strategic Finance Lab podcast to discuss his decision to do more to promote diversity and inclusion and how finance teams can do better at recruiting and retaining Black candidates.

In this episode of NeuGroup’s new Strategic Finance Lab podcast, ServiceNow treasurer Tim Muindi shares what Black History Month means to him, challenges he’s faced during the course of a 23-year career when he’s often been the only Black person in a company’s finance department and steps treasury teams can take to improve diversity and inclusion.

  • In the interview with NeuGroup Insights editor Antony Michels, Mr. Muindi also discusses his role in ServiceNow’s $100 million racial equity fund managed by RBC Global Asset Management that aims to boost homeownership, affordable housing and entrepreneurship in 10 Black communities where ServiceNow employees live and work.

Please listen to the full podcast.

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