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Let’s Get More Strategic: Treasurers’ Top 2022 Priorities

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A new NeuGroup survey reveals that treasurers are focused on driving company growth.

Treasurers at the world’s leading companies are doubling down on their commitments to expand beyond traditional areas like liquidity management and spend more time in strategic zones. That’s among the key takeaways from the January 2022 NeuGroup Members Agenda Survey. In it, respondents picked their top three objectives from a list of 11. Their answers, shown in the chart above, reveal an emphasis on driving better enterprise financial performance.

  • By collaborating with business partners (No. 1) and optimizing capital structure (No. 2), treasury can provide companies with support for decision-making and financing required to increase revenue and manage risk.
  • In addition, by selecting digital transformation as their No. 3 priority, treasurers aim to reduce process cost and life cycle, freeing up staff capacity to focus on strategic tasks. (Some headline-grabbing topics such as real-time data and crypto got much lower scores.)
  • However, the realization of treasurers’ top priorities depends on other factors, which are getting less attention, according to the survey. For example, improved analytics and modeling capabilities are crucial to treasury’s ability to contribute business value through better decision support, but ranked at No. 7.
  • Strategic advisement must also include collaboration with other parts of finance, such as FP&A. But treasurers rated its importance at No. 9.
  • NeuGroup Insights will bring you more takeaways and analysis of the survey results in the weeks to come.
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