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NeuGroup Assistant Treasurers’ Group of Thirty Meeting Anchors 11-Meeting Week On Zoom

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NeuGroup AT30 Meeting on Zoom

NeuGroup facilitated 11 member meetings this week on Zoom, including our Assistant Treasurers’ Group of Thirty meeting over two days and special COVID-19 crisis Zooms to connect our members to share and learn on how to get through this crisis successfully.

A huge thank you to Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking – SGCIB for their support of  NeuGroup’s AT30 meeting and our Life Sciences’ Treasury Peer Group crisis meeting last week. 

Guido van Hauwermeiren and his team did a fantastic job. And to all NeuGroup members, thanks for being part of the invaluable exchanges helping all of us navigate through this crisis.

As one member noted, “the meeting was really great both for community and for content.”

Thanks as well to Scott Flieger for his leadership of AT30 and the entire NeuGroup team for supporting our members in these unprecedented times. Joseph Neu’s Founder KTAs from AT30 follow. 

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