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Neugroup Celebrates Black History Month With Meetings About Making a Difference

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This February, NeuGroup held a series of meetings focused on promoting diversity & inclusion. 

Supporting minority communities and having a real impact while fulfilling treasury’s many roles within a company is a challenge that many corporates are now confronting. As a part of NeuGroup’s celebration of Black History Month, a number of our various peer groups and working groups hosted conversations and presentations in the last few weeks on how members can make a difference. 

Impact investing. Earlier in the month, CNote, a women-led impact investment platform, presented at a NeuGroup Treasurers’ Group of Mega-Caps interim monthly meeting on their unique, technology-based solution. 

  • The interactive session discussed Mastercard’s partnership with CNote to provide recovery and growth funding for underserved communities in the US through their insured impact cash management solution.  
  • CNote uses technology to connect investors with diversified and proven community investments and cash deposit opportunities that generate economic mobility and increase financial inclusion for under-served communities. 

A racial equity fund. A NeuGroup meeting for members in high-growth tech companies also heard from a senior treasury director at ServiceNow on a project to create a $100 million fund to support Black homebuyers. 

  • The meeting featured a presentation on how the member led the company’s effort to build better futures in Black communities in 10 American cities.  

Deposits. And just yesterday, NeuGroup’s Diversity and Inclusion Working Group met to discuss members’ best practices for depositing funds in minority and community financial institutions, with a few leading members sharing their experiences with several new Fintech solutions that have streamlined efforts, ensured insurability, and greatly enhanced impact on communities reporting.  

  • This group will be meeting monthly to follow up on these and other topics for the balance of the year.  

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