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NeuGroup Continues To Innovate and Refine Virtual Meetings

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With 2021’s first-half meeting cycle underway, a message from NeuGroup founder and CEO Joseph Neu. 

As we pass the one-year mark of pandemic disruption in most parts of the NeuGroup member universe, we are upping the ante further on our program of opportunities for you to share and learn with other members.   

In this cycle, we are rolling out a new events calendar on our website. It is meant to keep you abreast of all the new programming available at NeuGroup to help you navigate the unprecedented change of our times. It also serves as a program guide for prospective members, and sponsor partners, who might see an opportunity to join our network to share and learn for mutual success.   

As the events calendar highlights, each peer group now has interim single-session meetings with a headline topic or two and open forum exchanges to complement the regular multi-session meetings (which will return to real-life exchanges someday soon). 

Connecting you with members across groups, there are now even more Virtual Interactive Sessions on topical issues, including: 

  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 
  • ESG and D&I working groups. 
    • A core group of 23 member companies have demonstrated subject matter expertise in over 25 distinct ESG and D&I topics. NeuGroup is building a central database of members’ level of knowledge on each topic to expedite benchmarking efforts as well as connect members facing a specific challenge with members with firsthand experience. This list adds an additional 20 “interested” members to the above core list. 
    • NeuGroup has already conducted a number sessions with these two working groups (D&I bond issuance firms, D&I deposit strategies, green bond issuances and ESG risk ratings), and has scheduled continuous monthly sessions for the rest of 2021. 
    • A Libor Transition working group is also meeting to connect members across the network interested in sharing experiences in preparing for this important transition occurring in the next few years. 
  • Technology tools, with our FinTech Solution Series and our working groups for Treasury Technology Solutions and Digitalization (aka TMS Tuesday).  
    • The NeuGroup Fintech Solution Series offers ongoing sessions highlighting promising solutions that members have introduced to help address shared challenges. We will seek to find the missing ingredient in many digital solutions by connecting the technology with the right domain knowledge, solving real problems that others may not see.
    • The TMS Tuesdays Working Group was formed in response to multiple members expressing an interest in comparing experiences with treasury management system providers. The inaugural meeting of the group drew 51 participants. 

Looking across the finance function for new knowledge and group ideas, we are also piloting a NeuGroup for Heads of FP&A for our larger enterprise member companies this half. We expect FP&A may become a whole new finance vertical to complement our largest one for treasury.  

  • This adds yet more depth to our portfolio of over 25 different corporate finance member-groups built over the past 25+ years. We are targeting June 8th as our kickoff date, with a half-day virtual summit addressing some of the most front-of-mind issues facing FP&A professionals today. 
  • We want to thank OneStream and Jedox, for sponsoring the pilot, and all the members for assisting us in the creation and production of this highly demanded forum for senior FP&A professionals to gather and discuss some of the top challenges and opportunities facing the discipline in 2021 and beyond. 

Along with our growing number of Facilitated by NeuGroup™ exchanges, finally, we are seeing an increasing number of Connected by NeuGroup™ exchanges. These have us connect you with peers, partners and subject matter experts to exchange and collaborate on your own.   

In short, we keep moving to bring the future forward to serve you better. 

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