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NeuGroup Debuts a Group for High Achievers and a Middle East Business & Treasury Roundtable

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A pilot meeting for NeuGroup for High Potentials takes flight and a roundtable for professionals in the Middle East kicks off.

NeuGroup this week held two first-of-their kind meetings: A Middle East Business & Treasury Roundtable sponsored by Standard Chartered, and a meeting of NeuGroup for High Potentials, which brought together high-potential employees identified by NeuGroup member companies.

The Middle East and beyond. A dynamic virtual meeting offered Standard Chartered’s clients in the Middle East and members of NeuGroup in Asia, Europe and the Americas an opportunity to meet, build relationships and exchange experiences of business, finance and treasury.

  • Attendees heard firsthand discussion on risk management and how to seize opportunities to help drive business growth in global organizations in the Middle East from these experienced treasury and finance pros:
    • Kurt Zumwalt, former treasurer of Amazon
    • Staney Pullolickel, GE’s regional treasurer for Asia, MENAT and SSA
    • Matthew Hurn, CFO of alternative investments & infrastructure at Mubadala Investment Company
  • Treasury professionals joined from Asia, Europe and the Americas, representing some of the largest multinational corporations in the world.
  • In one session, members heard about the economic outlook and risk management strategies from two Standard Chartered experts:
    • Carla Slim, MENAP economist
    • Mazen Barbir, managing director, head of FX trading, Middle East & Pakistan

High hopes for high-potentials. NeuGroup this week also took a major step toward helping foster top finance talent by bringing together treasury professionals selected by NeuGroup member companies.

In opening remarks, NeuGroup Founder Joseph Neu said, “I like to think about this as how we bring the future forward. The idea is to help those like you—finance treasury professionals who are the next generation of finance leaders of member companies—to share and learn.”

  • Members identified their teams’ projects, and were quick to give advice to one another. When asked about their No. 1 goal for the group, each new members identified the free flow of information sharing that is NeuGroup’s key mission.
  • Members are connecting online through the communication platform Slack, building an environment where they can all work together as they realize their potential.
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