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    NeuGroup Treasurers on the Strategic Finance Path formalizes an informal subgroup started by members within the NeuGroup for Mega-Cap Treasurers. It serves as a larger-enterprise treasurer subgroup connecting finance professionals on a strategic finance rotation during their assignment as treasurer.

    The group facilitates knowledge sharing and learning with others on this path to help them:

    • Identify best practices to succeed in the treasurer role
    • Manage teams with deeper treasury knowledge and
    • Bring about transformation with new ideas and better collaboration with other areas of the Office of the CFO

    The subgroup complements the engagement NeuGroup facilitates for them, including

    • Insight from our group leaders
    • Summary posts and knowledge articles with key takeaways from NeuGroup meetings and sessions
    • Connected by NeuGoup™ introductions to members who are experienced career treasurers.

    All the above can prove invaluable in getting:

    • New treasurers up to speed quickly on treasury domain knowledge and
    • Validate what they are hearing from their teams, banks, and other service providers.

    Meanwhile, career treasurers can use the insight gained from these exchanges to:

    • Move beyond current treasury best practices with practice innovations from other areas of finance
    • Consider a potential strategic finance career journey.
    the mission

    NeuGroup is a trusted thought leader and respected advocate for top corporate finance and treasury professionals interested in exchanging their knowledge and expertise. The value of the NeuGroup Process can be vast and works for our members by facilitating the right connections. Connect with peers across the NeuGroup Network. Meet solution providers and subject matter experts. Collaborate on analogous projects and priorities. Access distilled insights from member exchanges.

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