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NeuGroup Members Stay In The Loop With Interim Meetings

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Formerly known as office hours, monthly interim meetings make the NeuGroup Process year-round.

In just the last two weeks, NeuGroup’s many peer groups have held 15 sessions connecting knowledge sharing NeuGroup members to one another and subject matter experts.

  • The meetings, once known as office hours, occur between meeting cycles, and this-January’s helped get the year started off right.

Only last week, there were a dozen of these interim meetings, covering timely topics from the incoming Libor transition to the always-popular topic of minimizing bank fees.

  • The week kicked off with a Global Cash and Banking Group meeting on the subject of bank fee analysis. Members shared their successes and challenges as well as tricks and tools they use to minimize the cost of banking.
  • The Assistant Treasurers’ Group of 30 had a great first monthly call of the year in terms of attendance and discussion amongst the members! Revolving credit facilities was the suggested topics and members wasted no time providing feedback they are hearing from their bank groups.
  • The conversation moved at a rapid pace in the European Treasury Peer Group meeting, covering topics of electronic signatures, the potential impact of vaccines and new SEPA payment beneficiary fees.
  • The International Auditors’ Peer Group began their first meeting of the year on the topic of audit systems, but wound their way to 2021 goals, which included an interesting discussion on guest audit programs and a recent major hacking campaign that hit federal agencies and major tech companies.
  • Members discussed permanent/semi-permanent adjustments treasury teams have made because of the pandemic at a combined meeting of our Treasury Investment Managers’ Peer Groups.
  • The Latin American Peer Group also met to for a variety of discussion points, from minimizing cash balances to the many intricacies of banking across Latin America.
  • Life Sciences Treasurers’ Peer Group had a fantastic first monthly interim meeting, with robust member interaction. Members began by sharing their approaches to the Libor to SOFR transition, which shifted to what these members are doing with their excess cash and ended with a brief conversation on ESG scoring firms.
  • Tech20 High Growth had a very interesting meeting as well, covering the long road ahead in 2021, with strong participation by all.
  • Tech20 had something of a special interim meeting, as one member presented the intricacies of one of their own recent projects, walking all members of the group through their approach with a detailed deck.
  • NeuGroup for High Potentials continues to grow! This week, they met to touch base on some of their projects, like preparing for the Libor transition and implementing a TMS.
  • The topic for this month’s Corporate Enterprise Risk Management Group focused on building a risk-aware culture at your company, as members shared their successful approaches to mitigating risk across the board.
  • And the Bank Treasurers’ Peer Group, the final interim meeting for last week, covered the impact of stress test results on share repurchase and dividend payouts.

But there are more than just interim meetings. A sponsored Virtual Interactive Session connected members this week, as well as the third session of one of NeuGroup’s most unique groups.

  • Many thanks to Wells Fargo for sponsoring a VIS on CVA and credit charges, and how they impact long-dated FX hedging. Our gratitude to experts Sharif Saba, Berkeley Hynes, and Matt Daniel for their insight.
  • Our thanks also go out to Insight Investment for sponsoring a NeuGroup for Pension and Benefits meeting covering planning for the endgame. A panel moderated by Insight helped members get a finger on the pulse of how others are approaching anything from asset allocation glide-paths to participant lump sums to buy-out/hibernation strategies.

And this week, the roll didn’t stop. Meetings for more groups kept members connected, sharing even more knowledge and insights:

  • The Assistant Treasurers’ Leadership Group kicked the week off with good turnout and good discussion, starting on cyber risk and broaching into other pressing topics facing members like the challenges of merchant credit cards.
  • A combined meeting of NeuGroup’s Foreign Exchange Managers Peer Groups meant plenty of members were available to discuss the importance of exposure ID and management tools.
  • And yesterday, the Treasurers’ Group of 30 focused on debt capital markets, as members shared their 2021 outlooks, plans and considerations.

As always, our thanks to every member and sponsor who help to make every meeting happen. For more on NeuGroup meetings, and to stay up-to-date on the meetings’ key takeaways, stay tuned to NeuGroup Insights.

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