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NeuGroup Membership Changes in Response to Covid-19

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Digitalization of NeuGroup Membership

In response to Covid-19, since March 2020, NeuGroup has conducted some 190 virtual meetings on Zoom:

  • Regular NeuGroup Meetings. 1-2-day virtual NeuGroup annual and bi-annual meetings, replacing in-person off-sites (with multiple sessions and shared breaks) that are no longer possible for health and safety reasons

  • Crisis Check-Ins. 60-90-minute COVID-19 crisis response check-ins, with 15-30-minute expert updates from selected partners, practitioner breakouts to share experience, questions and expert insight, while learning about customer/prospect challenges and needs; ending in a share back of key insights from each breakout

  • Office hours. Regular Weekly member “office hours” (15-60 minutes) to connect, exchange and distill insight and answers to members from peers and partners

  • Topical Interactives. 60 – 90-minute interactive meetings on a hot topic (e.g., Pre-Issuance Hedging of Bonds) with an opening presentation; peer breakouts to share experience, questions and expert insight, while learning about customer/prospect challenges and needs; ending in a share back of key insights from each breakout.

Our rapid experimentation showed us that we can:

  • successfully bring our time-tested facilitation model to a virtual setting
  • innovate with digital tools such as in-meeting chat and polls
  • with Breakout Rooms enable intimate exchanges in small groups and one-on-ones.

This has lead to an accelerated digital pivot and digitalization of membership = access to the key deliverables we are able to provide during this period when in real life meetings cannot take place.

From July 1, if you qualify for a peer group membership, then NeuGroup membership delivers:

  • Member access to the NeuGroup Network, our networking platform, curated by our knowledge exchange leaders to attract leading finance and treasury professionals looking to share and learn for mutual success.

  • Facilitated, Connected by NeuGroup™ introductions to and knowledge exchange opportunities with
    • other members and their connections to collaborate, benchmark, problem-solve or be solution finder/development partners with
    • professionals knowledgeable about or with experience relevant to your projects and priorities to get them done faster, better and at less cost
    • peers, members and alumni to mentor, coach, refer, train or advise you and advance your professional development
  • Periodic (minimum monthly) virtual sessions with your primary peer group(s), eligible cross-group interactive sessions and sub-groups conducted using leading web-meeting tools.

  • Virtual equivalents of annual or twice-yearly in real life meetings with your peer group of one-to-two-days in duration (depending on your group). NeuGroup may also with member input choose to conduct meetings with more than one peer group to promote cross-group knowledge exchange and networking.
  • Access to relevant NeuGroup Exchange online communities for your peer group(s), sub-groups or network-wide knowledge exchange, training and development.

  • Insight from every exchange distilled by NeuGroup leaders and our content team, distributed via NeuGroup Exchange communities and published in NeuGroup Insights our flagship email newsletter and website feed.
  • Access to NeuGroup Peer Research. NeuGroup surveys Members about topics that are important to their professional practices within Finance and Treasury. Our research also profiles what you as Members want to know more about and what you are knowledgeable about. The Peer Research informs the Agenda of each Peer Group Meeting and Connections by NeuGroup. NeuGroup will periodically distribute the results of the research either at the Peer Group Meetings and/or via posts in the Peer Group Online Community Site. In addition, NeuGroup Peer Research access may include:
    • Periodic surveys of member projects and priorities, systems, people and organizations with access to the results/data from them
    • Use of the NeuGroup Platform to facilitate your own benchmarking and research interests (subject to fellow member opt-in).

If not eligible for a peer group, then we can offer:

  • Connected by NeuGroup™
  • Working groups and
  • NeuGroup for HiPos (high potentials) for peer-centric training and talent development.

When in real-life meetings are able to happen again, NeuGroup membership will deliver them + the digitalization deliverables above that we have honed successfully while we have all been social distancing.

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