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NeuGroup: On the Front Edge of the Latest Finance Movements

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From brand new fintechs to the recent embrace of ESG and D&I, NeuGroup recognizes the latest trends to keep corporates in the know.

  • NeuGroup strives to keep our members informed, educated and engaged with those actively shaping the future. Just as we connect our members to share and learn with one another, we connect them with guest experts to stay in the know on how they can shape the future as well.

Fintech Collaborations 

Many have seen several banks stray from their traditional route and instead partner with fintech firms to deliver better results. The reason behind this is that fintech collaborations help corporations better manage their software and financial operations. 

The online market is booming and collaborations with fintechs are currently the best bet for certain banks. Let’s not forget, technological innovation is making its way up, pushing companies to take action on these collaborations. 

How is NeuGroup recognizing this trend?  

  • The Fintech Solution Series is offered to members interested in learning about new technological innovations, digital payments, and much more. These sessions connect participants to industry experts, professional insights and give them a chance to further their knowledge in the finance and technology world. 

Industry Diversity 

The future of the finance and treasury industry relies heavily on diversity. 

Research has shown that there is a huge benefit to bringing diversity into financial firms. According to the Harvard Business Review, companies with diversity out-innovate and out-perform others. Businesses that have improved diversity have found significant growth in their market share and have overall become more profitable. 

Alongside the cultural diversity in financial institutions, many corporations are branching out to partner with diverse firms and even women-owned businesses. 

How does NeuGroup promote diversity? 

  • In 2020, NeuGroup created the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group to get members and companies to share their experiences and insights around increasing diversity. Improving diversity in the finance industry is always a priority, especially when it comes to offering new options to individuals and connecting them with diverse firms. 
  • In the past, The National Association of Investment Companies, which represents over 100 minority private equity and hedge funds, has joined in on a meeting to discuss their plan and strategies with members.
  • NeuGroup continues to find new and innovative ways to acknowledge diversity in our work culture and ongoing sessions, whether that be bringing in guests of various backgrounds or covering relevant topics that promote diversity in the finance world.

To stay updated on events surrounding diversity and technology, be sure to keep an eye on our events page and follow us on LinkedIn!

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