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NeuGroup Process Facilitators Needed for Expansion

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Virtual Facilitation

Join our team! NeuGroup continues to expand with virtual interactive sessions to connect our member finance professionals across our network more often to exchange on more projects, problems and priority topics. Plus, we are reaching into new verticals supporting new strategic finance career paths and the Office of the CFO.

Accordingly, NeuGroup is looking for someone (or more than one) with a good understanding of corporate finance who is passionate about facilitating meaningful connections between professionals, inspiring them to share and learn from one another, and distilling insightful and useful content from every exchange to make the next one even more valuable for their success. 

If you have experience with treasury, risk management, internal audit, FP&A, IR, accounting, global business solutions and other aspects for the Office of the CFO, and want to try something different, then we would like to connect about having you join our team. This is a unique opportunity to promote thought leadership in the finance profession, build awareness for new things, build solutions that bring the future forward and save everyone time through sharing and learning on key projects and priorities.

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