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NeuGroup Teams With BlackRock CEO Larry Fink To Help Treasurers Make a Difference

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A special session moderated by NeuGroup Founder and CEO Joseph Neu brought members together to share and learn on making an ESG impact.

NeuGroup wants to offer our great gratitude and appreciation to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink and his team as well as all our members who attended a special event last week exploring the vital role of corporates and finance professionals in addressing the most important issues facing society and the world today: climate change and diversity and inclusion.

Mr. Fink, head of the world’s biggest asset manager, is arguably the most powerful voice on Wall Street pushing corporates to do more to fight climate change and promote sustainability. He sat down in a Virtual Interactive Session with NeuGroup founder and CEO Joseph Neu to explore both the risks posed by global warming as well as what he called in his 2021 letter to CEOs “a historic investment opportunity” presented by the transition to a “net zero economy.”

  • NeuGroup members got the chance to probe Mr. Fink’s views on what this moment in time means for finance professionals responsible for raising and investing capital.
  • In a special session after the event, NeuGroup members gathered to discuss their companies’ initiatives in D&I and ESG. One in attendance said, “It’s certainly a privilege for all of us to listen to Larry. His comments, his candor, his perspective were fantastic. So thanks for putting that together.”
NeuGroup Founder Joseph Neu Interviews BlackRock CEO Larry Fink

“We need every country to come together on one taxonomy,” Mr. Fink told members. “If you really are earnest in moving the world to net zero [carbon emissions], we need to have proper measurements that are measurements we can all do together,” he said. “That’s the only way public companies are going to be properly judged.”

  • To learn more about the event, read our article on Mr. Fink’s insights, including his outlook on ESG ratings and details of BlackRock’s Aladdin Climate tool.
  • And stay up-to-date on all upcoming NeuGroup events by checking our events page.

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