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NeuGroup’s Emerging Plan for Future Meetings

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In response to questions about our H2 meetings, we wanted to let you know about our current plan.

First, your health and safety are our top priority here at NeuGroup. As we plan future events, we want to balance the desire to meet again in person with health and safety considerations, as well as company policies and budget considerations. Like you, we also want to continue to make our meetings accessible to as many members as possible and valuable to all.

Accordingly, we will be seeking input to inform our meeting plan for H2 as outlined below.

To succeed with our meeting goal, we will be:

  • Monitoring CDC and other health and regulatory guidelines throughout the upcoming meeting cycle.
  • Asking you and our members to keep the leaders of the peer groups you are involved in informed on your and their ability to attend or host in-person meetings, including updates on relevant company policies regarding attending external events and travel. 

Looking ahead to our H2 events, some will require a transition while others will remain the same:

  • For sponsored regular peer group meetings, when at least half of a group’s members can attend in person, NeuGroup will explore the possibility (subject to the above input) of a hybrid session that would include virtual and in-person attendance options. If half the group is still unable to attend in person, we will continue to host them virtually. We will poll members once we believe their policies have been communicated and let you know accordingly.
  • Interim meetings for our peer groups, meeting for working groups, as well as cross-group interactive sessions will continue to be done virtually even as our regular peer meetings return to an in-person/in-real-life format.
  • We may also look for opportunities to bring members together for location-focused in-person events to minimize travel. These may be outside of our current group sponsorship frameworks.

As we continue to monitor the pandemic situation across NeuGroup’s global footprint, we thank you for your input and understanding as we navigate our way out of it and, with you, determine the best way forward for our members.

Make sure to stay tuned for future updates.

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