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By February 20, 2020No Comments

NeuGroup Founder & CEO Joseph Neu, appearing on Mike Richards’ The Treasury Career Corner podcast, tells the story of how he started NeuGroup, the evolution of its mission and how our company helps treasury and finance professionals become more successful.

Have a listen here.

Connecting with other “smart givers” is the secret to career success in any profession and indeed reaching your full potential in life.

However, effective networking takes time and skill, so it’s worth considering outsourcing the work to someone you trust, curates “smart givers,” is passionate about your profession, is knowledge-seeking and who seeks to distill useful insight to see you reach your full potential. Everyone at NeuGroup is dedicated to this job every day.

Thanks to Mike Richards for letting Joseph tell our story!

If you need a recruiter who specializes in treasury, then reach out to Mike to see if he can help; and if you’re a NeuGroup member, reach out to us first to access special rates and VIP service.

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