Reducing FX Risk: The AtlasFX Vision

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AtlasFX CFO Scott Bilter discusses the implications of a possible commodity bull market for FX risk managers in an interview with NeuGroup CEO Joseph Neu.

Managing foreign exchange risk at multinational corporations is never easy. But it’s definitely harder during periods of market volatility and economic uncertainty—like the one roiling FX markets now.

  • Among the recent challenges facing NeuGroup members who manage FX risk: The US dollar has soared against the euro and the Japanese yen as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to fight inflation—including price spikes for energy and other commodities that correlate closely with some currencies.

Tools to FX manage risk. Among the tools that FX risk managers rely on to identify exposures, hedge risk and understand variances is AtlasFX, a platform that uses advanced data analytics to help treasury, FP&A and accounting teams to optimize balance sheet and cash flow hedging programs.

  • In a video interview you can watch by clicking here or by hitting the play button below, Atlas Risk Advisory CFO and co-founder Scott Bilter tells NeuGroup CEO Joseph Neu how AtlasFX allows risk managers to see a combined, full picture of their FX and commodity exposures and hedges.
  • Mr. Bilter also discusses the role and limitations of using artificial intelligence (AI) in managing FX risk as well as why he believes a centralized treasury can often manage FX risk more efficiently than at companies where multiple teams spread across the globe take on the task.
  • You can watch the first portion of the interview, in which Mr. Bilter explains the origins of AtlasFX, here.
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