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November 10, 2021

Extra Credit: Energy Companies Issuing Debt from Green Subsidiaries

Bonds issued by energy company transition business units are preferred by debt investors who screen for green.Bonds issued by entities within energy companies that are focused on low- or no carbon emission projects and technology are far more likely to appeal to some asset managers than debt issued by the holding company. That takeaway emerged at a recent meeting of NeuGroup for Oil & Gas Treasury sponsored by Societe Generale during a session that featured two debt investors, one representing…
Capital MarketsESG
November 3, 2021

Drilling for Clarity on How ESG Factors Influence Credit Ratings

Oil and gas sector analysts are scrambling to explain to energy companies the link between ESG scores and credit risk.The momentum behind ESG mandates and the conviction that companies committed to sustainability represent better investment risks have put pressure on ratings agencies to reconcile traditional credit ratings with ESG scores. This reconciliation has become more challenging as the agencies themselves begin to offer ESG scores or ratings as well as sustainability assessments. One approach is to explain in more detail…
October 29, 2021

Oil & Gas Treasury Group – Creating an Energy Transition Briefing Template for the CFO and COP26 UN Climate Change Conference Outcomes

About this meeting On the agenda are two sessions: 1) Creating a template to brief the CFO and colleagues on the Energy Transition Finance Story. This serves as a consolidation of what we have learned so far to share up the chain and provide a roadmap to carry energy transition initiatives forward. This will draw from a similar project with our ESG working group, and member guests from that group may join to share and learn with. The broader sustainability team,…
August 24, 2021

Oil & Gas Treasury and Energy Transition Group – Fixed Income Investor Perspective plus the Rating Perspective of S&P

About this meeting This meeting is part of the pilot series sponsored by Societe Generale. It will kick off with a panel of Fixed Income Investors to share their perspectives on the ongoing energy transition. That session will be followed by S&P’s Carin Dehne-Kiley to share some much-needed insights from the rating agencies. About this Peer Group NeuGroup for Energy Treasurers is a new offering currently in pilot mode. A new series designed to help Oil & Gas companies navigate…
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August 5, 2021

A Pioneer Plugs Into Energy Sector Sustainability-Linked Financing

Enbridge, the pipeline operator, is the first midstream firm in North America to do sustainability-linked financing. Presenting to members of NeuGroup for Oil & Gas Treasury (sponsored by Societe Generale), Sheldon Bueckert, director of treasury at Enbridge, shared his experience helping lead the company’s sustainability-linked bond (SLB) and loan financings, a first for a midstream firm in North America. The session focused on a SLB that Enbridge issued in late June.Key SLB details. On June 23, 2021, Enbridge hosted 131 investors…
NeuGroup News
August 3, 2021

NeuGroup’s Newest Group Connects The Oil & Gas Industry

Energy transition is here, and one of the first sessions of another new NeuGroup focuses on what energy treasurers can do.  At the second-ever pilot meeting of NeuGroup for Oil & Gas Treasury, energy expert Ed Hirs shared a statistic that caught many members’ attention: more than 75% of the public now wants to reduce carbon emissions.  In a time of transition, communication matters more than ever. This NeuGroup will allow treasurers to get the lay of the land, benchmarking their readiness with peers as well as hearing about new perspectives and unique solutions from leading experts.  Expert opinions. In this session, sponsored by Societe Generale, members gathered for a single-day…
July 8, 2021

Oil & Gas Treasury and Energy Transition Group – Energy Transition Economics with Debt Investors

About this meeting This meeting is part of the pilot series sponsored by Societe Generale. It kicks off with a session with University of Houston’s Edward Hirs, talking about the economics of the current energy transition and how to frame that for debt investors. That session will be followed by a discussion with Enbridge on their experience issuing the first sustainability-linked bond for a midstream firm in North America. You can find the sustainability framework for their SLB here. About this Peer Group NeuGroup…
May 17, 2021

Energy Transition Group – 1st meeting of 4

About this meeting This pilot is produced in partnership with Societe Generale with the vision to bring their global expertise in sustainability finance to the unique circumstances of the energy transition in the US market. The first meeting in this series will focus on the capital market outlook for the Oil & Gas sector on the bank and bond side, both current and looking ahead current projects and areas of focus for participating companies related to the energy transition the…