Large-Cap TreasurersNeuGroup News
November 29, 2022

NeuGroup for Large-Cap Treasurers Meet in New York 

Many thanks to Societe Generale for hosting and sponsoring the NeuGroup for Large-Cap Treasurers H2 meeting in New York last week. We also want to thank our members who joined us in New York and those members who participated virtually in what was a content-rich agenda which resulted in great sharing on insights to the challenges companies have faced in what continues to be a volatile environment. A special thanks to Krzysztof ‘Chris’ Walenczak, Head of Investment Banking and Coverage, and Donald Sutton, Chairman of…
Capital MarketsCash & Working CapitalCompliance
January 12, 2022

Talk About SEC’s Proposed 30-Day Buyback Cooling-Off Period Heats Up

Members say the proposal for 10b5-1 plans would limit a corporate’s flexibility to execute buybacks efficiently.The SEC’s proposal that corporates wait 30 days after the adoption of a Rule 10b5-1 share repurchase plan before buying back stock would significantly restrict the flexibility of companies to execute the plans effectively. That key takeaway emerged at a session NeuGroup convened this week at the request of treasurers examining the potential implications of several SEC proposals issued Dec. 15 regarding 10b5-1 plans, including…
Cyber riskRisk Management
December 1, 2021

Cyber Insurance Reality Check: Stress Testing to Set Coverage Goals

One company got help doing stress tests to report to senior management what cyber coverage it needed and why. Corporations scrambling to cope with the rising threat of data breaches and ransomware attacks face the additional, unpleasant reality of soaring premiums (see chart) and shrinking capacity in the cyber insurance market. That’s putting more pressure on finance teams to weigh the potential risks of forgoing or reducing coverage against the high price of having protection. At a recent meeting of NeuGroup…
Capital AllocationCash & Working Capital
November 17, 2021

New Wrinkles to Iron Out in Capital Structure Analysis as Fed Resets

Five areas of focus for treasury teams embarking on new analysis of capital structure as the outlook for rates changes.Capital structure analysis has taken on added importance and complexity for corporate treasurers who piled on liquidity to survive the pandemic but are now “skeptical about keeping a large chunk of change around,” as one member put it at a recent meeting of NeuGroup for Large-Cap Treasurers. NeuGroup senior executive advisor Roger Heine, a former investment banker experienced in helping companies…
FXRisk Management
May 13, 2021

A Fresh Look: Refining Financial Risk Management Programs

Streamlining a hedging portfolio can seem daunting, but there are advantages for corporates that take the plunge.There’s a growing trend among corporates to take a new look at existing financial risk management programs. Some of the triggers for review are explicit events, such as financial reporting results or restatements, or changes in key personnel. But many companies are finding that longstanding hedging programs may just no longer meet the original program objectives, or may have grown in silos and created…