November 3, 2022

Sizing Up APIs: the Right Piece to Solve a Treasury Data Puzzle?

APIs offer flexible connectivity between systems, but widespread adoption by treasury faces several obstacles. Treasury organizations are hungry for data, but visibility into it is hampered by a fractured system environment and lack of standardization, both within finance and with external partners. Short of implementing a single ERP with built-in modules, finding a way to access enterprise information on a real-time basis has been difficult for often resource-starved treasury organizations. A new bridge for data. While complete system consolidation is not…
September 15, 2022

The Need for Speed: How APIs Simplify Bank Connectivity

Real-time bank connectivity is the future—but NeuGroup members have yet to embrace APIs. In a recent NeuGroup member survey, 64% of respondents said they currently do or plan to have real-time connectivity to bank data, but only 16% said they’re currently using bank APIs—one critical key to real-time data. This is likely due to the overwhelming number of APIs that different banks use, and a lack of standardization. As you can see in the chart below, 29% of members that…
Senior ExecutiveTreasury Management
June 30, 2022

How Treasury Steps into the Strategic Limelight

Rising rates and a looming recession provide treasury with an opportunity to elevate its profile and and become a leader in board-level conversations. Tough economic conditions have historically highlighted the critical role treasury plays as the champion of corporate liquidity. This happened during 2008-09 and will likely happen again if credit and cash flows begin to contract. This is not new territory for treasurers, many of whom have already evolved to serve new and broader constituents, becoming more strategic, consultative…
Treasury Management
June 30, 2022

The Great Reconsideration: Improving Culture To Improve Retention

While the flexibility provided by remote work is an important factor, the organization’s culture can be the biggest draw. The pandemic triggered a significant shift in employees’ expectations, making finding and retaining talent a top priority for finance executives. Higher employee turnover rates are prompting companies to kick-start new efforts to craft corporate cultures that make people feel welcome and ensure they stay on long-term. It’s not easy. “The labor market is still a challenge, and recruitment is a challenge,” one treasurer…
December 6, 2021

Cash Deposit Solutions and Bank Account Management Trends and Best Practices

About this meeting Retail corporates face a unique level of challenges when it comes to cash management – from lockbox solutions to transporting cash deposits to their banks from multiple locations to minimizing bank accounts. Sponsor JP Morgan will facilitate a discussion with Kim Clark (Senior Director Store Services) from Walgreens and Jason Stambaugh (Director of Partner Experience) from IFS Connex on re-engineering cash deposits solutions and other solutions, including the use of VAM to minimize bank accounts. About this…
October 28, 2021

How well is “Real Time Payments (RTP)” living up to its ambitious promise?

About this meeting The modern payments landscape is rapidly evolving to support smarter, faster, and more contextual payments. With new faster payments experiences being introduced every day, everyone from treasurers, to consumers, and even employees are seeing their impact. In this session, we’ll explore how faster payments are changing the game across the retail space and what to do about it. JP Morgan’s Kaue Tozzi (Vice President Of Product Strategy) will lead the discussion which should also include small breakout…
September 15, 2021

NeuGroup for Retail Treasurers 2021 H2 Meeting

About this meeting NeuGroup is working with long-time partner JP Morgan Chase to lead a 2 day 3-4 hour session on topics that could include: The use of strategic payment councils Embedding payments in products and services (via FinTech solutions) The growing interest in Omnichannel solutions (could consumers pay restaurant bills via QR codes on your cell phone?) Designing efficient payment experiences for different stakeholders Cryptocurrency impacts on the industry, And others. This meeting will be sponsored by J.P. Morgan…
August 3, 2021

Rating Agency Perspectives with Retail Experts from S&P, Moody’s and Fitch

About this meeting NeuGroup has established a long-standing tradition of bringing the major rating agencies into closed-session discussions with members and has gotten very positive feedback on the results. This session is intended to be an informal discussion where our Retail Treasury leaders ask these industry experts to cover topics including: Rating Agency concerns/trends that are driving negative rating actions Credit themes and trends ESG: Environmental, social, and governance issues and the impact of the growth of ESG rating firms.…
July 21, 2021

Retail Member-Only Speed Networking Session

About this meeting Our NeuGroup retail treasurers have had plenty of opportunities during the year to meet with outside subject matter experts, learn about members’ recent successful projects via case studies, benchmark, share best practices, and do deep dives on specific topics. All as a group. This session will offer a chance for members to meet one-on-one in short 10-minute increments on a rotating basis. Sessions like these are critical to building tight relationships that enable open discussions that are…
June 3, 2021

KYC Registry for Corporates

About this meeting In this monthly interim meeting for NeuGroup for Retail Treasury, NeuGroup will facilitate a discussion with Swift representatives and NeuGroup members on current approaches to streamlining the challenging KYC requirements, including challenges specific to retail companies. About this Peer Group NeuGroup for Retail Treasury was formed in late 2019 based on requests from our Retail companies for a venue to discuss general treasury topics with peers, and items specific to the retail sector including optimizing the processing…