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February 2, 2023

Tech in the Spotlight: The Outlook for Financing Growth in 2023

Capital markets insights from Bank of the West Head of Technology Banking Andreas Bubenzer-Paim. If you only read the headlines, you might think that every technology company in the world is cutting jobs. But Andreas Bubenzer-Paim, Managing Director and Head of Technology Banking at Bank of the West, knows that layoffs by giants like Alphabet, Microsoft, IBM and other mega-caps are only part of a tech sector landscape which includes thousands of smaller, high-growth tech firms—many still private—that are actively hiring, not…
December 1, 2022

Mastering Your Data

Data accessibility and availability is at the core of all finance technology transformation. By Nilly Essaides Many finance organizations are fast-tracking automation initiatives, aiming to improve process efficiency and build new capabilities to support an increasingly strategic role. The pressure to reduce process cost and head count is intensifying alongside concerns about a global recession. “We are speeding up our digital transformation,” said a member of NeuGroup for Tech Treasurers at the annual meeting at Carmel Valley Ranch. “I just received my…
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November 8, 2022

Tech Treasurers Meet at Carmel Valley Ranch Resort

Members had a wonderful time at our H2 Tech Treasurer’s meeting at Carmel Valley Ranch Resort. A special thanks to the MUFG team for sponsoring our two-day meeting. Key sessions included Inventory Finance and the Tech Supply Chain; Research Findings on Cashflow Forecasting; our Members-Only Projects & Priorities session; Financing in this Unprecedented Market; Understanding new SEC Regulations on ESG and Share Repurchase; Corporate Tech Venture Investing; Recession & Energy Crisis; our classic Rating Agency Roundtable; and finally Magic Wand…
Treasury Management
June 16, 2022

Former Intel CFO: Don’t Wait for an Invite to Impact Strategy

George Davis (left), here with NeuGroup founder Joseph Neu, urged treasurers gathered at a tech summit in California to dream big and weigh in on strategy. In a keynote address referencing iconic daydreamer Walter Mitty, George Davis—the former CFO of Intel and Qualcomm and the former CFO and treasurer of Applied Materials—urged dozens of treasurers attending NeuGroup’s Tech Strategic Finance Summit Treasurer Day to dream big, take risks and not wait for invitations to apply treasury’s valuable perspective and skill set to a…
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December 8, 2021

Trading with Real Money: Good Schooling for Future Finance Talent

Corporates give high marks to a University of Idaho program where students learn real-world lessons by trading.Treasury and finance teams searching for talent with the right stuff—and an edge in this tight labor market—might want to take a page from Starbucks and Micron Technology by strengthening their ties to colleges and universities that are finding innovative ways to teach students financial decision-making skills. Micron treasurer Greg Routin and Melanie Canto, a former Starbucks treasurer who is now a senior business transformation…
November 17, 2021

A Closer Look at China’s Approach to Tech Through an ‘S’ in ESG Lens

An expert on China shares how tech firms should prepare to navigate the Chinese government’s recent pivot.By Joseph NeuSome Western observers are quick to see a Chinese Communist Party crackdown on technology companies as a reaction to the rising power of tech giants. But you can also view it through a social lens that aligns with the equity and inclusion goals of many global corporations. Seen this way, it may be more of a China-specific approach to a global trend…
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November 17, 2021

Weighing the Impact of Inflation and ESG on Tech Credit Ratings

Credit rating agencies sit down to weigh in on hot topics with Tech20 treasurers at the annual breakfast panel.Each year, members of NeuGroup for Tech Treasurers sit down with tech sector analysts from S&P, Fitch and Moody’s to discuss their pressing questions for the credit rating agencies. This year’s conversation revolved around the hot topics of inflation and ESG. One important takeaway: there’s not much for tech companies to worry about (yet). The chief lending officer at meeting sponsor BNY Mellon moderated…
October 29, 2021

Hedging Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans

About this meeting The vast majority of Fortune 1000 companies have non-qualified deferred compensation plans for their senior executives and highly compensated individuals. The liabilities arising from the plans are marked to market quarterly and generally reported through the income statement as an operating expense. This session, led by experts from BNY Mellon, will discuss how to hedge this “impossible to forecast” liability with total-return swaps. Time permitting, this session may also recap members’ 2021 projects and priorities, and 2022…
October 20, 2021

Tech20 at 20: Future of Capital Markets, Responding to Regulatory Scrutiny, Digital Assets, ESG and D&I Successes (and the Not So Much)

About this meeting 2021 marks 20 years since NeuGroup’s first peer-group event in 2001. While some challenges from back then have been “solved,” others are still in progress and there is no shortage of new developments for tech treasures to adapt to. Sponsored by BNY Mellon, this meeting will take on the future of capital markets and taxes, tech under increasing scrutiny, adapting to digital assets, building finance infrastructure and what is and is not working in delivering on their…
October 18, 2021

Harnessing Data Analytics to Know Impact and Drive Insights on Focused Investments

About this meeting With socially responsible investing becoming a focal point, the ability to easily research, invest and report in a single ecosystem is a paradigm shifter. To create efficiencies and improve performance, the treasury function is looking for a single point of access to a wide variety of short-term investment options and analytics that help understand the impact of those investments.   In this interim meeting for NeuGroup for Tech Treasurers, BNY Mellon’s Liquidity Services Team will showcase the…