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Talking Shop: Italy’s New Way to Make Public Administration Payments

By March 4, 2021No Comments

Member question: “As of the end of Feb., it is mandatory to pay the public administration in Italy through a payment system called PagoPA. To my knowledge, none of the big banks support this. We currently use a local Italian partner bank for this purpose.

  • “Does anybody know if it is also mandatory to pay the public administration through this PagoPA system when paying from a nonresident legal entity outside Italy?”

Peer answer 1: “We are in the process of opening an account with [a European bank] in Italy for this sole purpose. So maybe you can inquire with [them]?”

Member response: “We’ve been in contact with [them] as well, having the impression that some investments still needed to be made at their end to support PagoPA. Notes from our call:

  • “Segregation of duties is not possible yet, i.e., one person entering and one other person approving the payment.
  • “No file upload functionality, it is only feasible to manually enter the payment.”

Peer answer 2: “I have been advised that for certain types of payment e.g., waste water or local taxes, PagoPA is required. However, in the main, the Italian government will accept different payment options, e.g., F24.

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