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Talking Shop: Methods for Pulling Cross Rates From Central Bank Published Rates

By September 24, 2020September 29th, 2020No Comments

Question: How does your company pull cross rates that are required to be pulled from central banks’ published rates? 

  • “Looking for some teams to benchmark on how you all pull the cross rates that are legally required to be pulled from central bank published rates. Pulling these rates from central banks’ websites is inefficient and we wanted to know how others are doing this.” 

Peer Answer 1: “We use Bloomberg’s data license program to get the rates via a file and upload them automatically to our enterprise accounting system. Refinitiv/Eikon/Reuters provides a similar service. We recently migrated to Bloomberg.”

  • In a follow-up, the responder confirmed using Bloomberg for both central bank published FX Rates (published once a day) as well as standard market FX quotes (traded continually).

Peer answer 2: We manually put the required central bank rates into our ERP system, the old school style.” : (

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