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Talking Shop: Seeking Help From TMS Vendors for the IBOR Transition

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Member Question: “For anyone using Reval, I was wondering if you have used their IBOR Transition Assessment Service (ITAS) to help with the IBOR transition; and if so, what was your experience and approximate cost to use?

  • Or, if anyone has received any kind of system implementation help from their TMS, just curious what they were able to help with, how effective, and costs?”

What ION said. A spokesperson for ION, which owns Reval, told NeuGroup Insights in an email, “In terms of the cost, we are not able to provide this as it is a tailored service depending on clients’ exposure to IBOR.

  • “We have a few different packages that we can offer depending on the support they are looking for. Essentially, we have small, medium and large offerings.”
  • The spokesperson also referred to the graphic below for details on Reval’s ITAS service.

What a peer who uses Quantum said. “Hi, we use Quantum (FIS) for TMS and derivatives repository and MTM calculations. FIS has not provided any particular services to help with the transition other than providing functional updates to their platform to accommodate the new rates and calculations.”

What FIS said. A spokesperson for FIS said, “FIS’ IBOR replacement functionality has been rolled out and we are engaging with clients through one-on-one conversations as well as broader group meetings and webinars.

  • “We encourage clients to come to us with any additional questions that they might have as they undergo this transition.”
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